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Joseph asks…

How do I download msn games on a mac g4?

I am new to a mac and totally lost. All I want to do is play some poker on this site . I have tried other game sites and I am having this problem with all of them. I only bought the mac because my old pc with windows kept freezing up. Now i still can’t play and i am broke thanks to the mac! I tried troubleshooting it says something about firewall, proxy server, netscape and it is only more confusing. Does anyone know how to explain what I need to do ? I am a total tech bozo!

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Donald asks…

How can I play the online Poker?

Is playing poker is complicated?

admin answers:

Playing the online poker is not much complicated as you think. One can able to easily get involved in this game and could able to win. This kind of game attracts everybody for its interesting gaming sequences. To play this online game, the player must have to play for real money or any valuable properties such Houses, car, or any other valuable property which are worth full.

Nancy asks…

Besides slot machines what is another easy game to play when gambling?

I don’t really know much about poker or texas hold’em. Or any other game that involves cards for that matter. Is there anything else I could play besides slot machines?

admin answers:

At BF ( review at )
you can play many simple games that doesnt require a lot of knowledge. Like casino war. Its a game where just the highest card wins…

Richard asks…

What are some big games/sports you can get into at age 16 and still turn pro at?

So, I’m wondering, what are some big games/sports (A lot of people playing/watching it on TV etc.) you can start with when you’re relatively old (16 is too old to become pro at most sports) and still turn pro?
I thought of Poker/Darts myself, what do you guys think?

admin answers:

Competition rifle shooting. .22 or air rifle. Maybe your school has a team.


William asks…

How do i get pass wate for appelate to load in yahoo games?

when i go into yahoo games poker,pools,dominoes i can’t get pass the window that says click here if appelate fails to load in 3 minutes. popups are disabled. do you have any e-mail is
John Hudson

admin answers:

I don’t know if this will work for you, but it did for me on two different computers. I went to the Java Script Download website and downloaded the 6.1 I have no problems at all. Good Luck….

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