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Sandra asks…

What is the best online poker site?

I’ve look around and I have seen Full Tilt Poker, Pokerstars, Party Poker, Absolute Poker….

What is the best?

admin answers:

Hi Tim, I have tried many poker sites but I would have to say that the best one by far is Full Tilt Poker.

Full Tilt Poker offers a 100% matching bonus up to $600 using the current bonus code: XCASHBONUSX. So if you deposit $600, you will get $1200!

There is one catch to this offer and that is that you have to play games to have your bonus cash given to you. I deposited $200 my first time and got $140 free cash back so far =D

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Thomas asks…

What is a bankroll in poker?

I’m playing a points poker game online and it says that I have a total amount of winnings, and then that I have a bankroll. What is the bankroll?

admin answers:

The amount of money you have for poker.. Your Bankroll

Linda asks…

How would someone go about organizing a Card playing tournament in their town? What are some steps to consider?

Not a poker tournament but more recreational card games. Would like to know what type of people to contact and what issues to consider in taking on this endeavor.

admin answers:

You could start with folks in your church/synagogue/mosque. Especially since it’s not poker.

Just a thought.

Charles asks…

What are some naughty games to play on a camping trip?

I’m hoping someone can come up with some creative ideas. Strip poker and spin-the-bottle are kind of played out. There’s going to be about 20 of us ages 19-21. I’m looking for naughty games to spice up the night.

admin answers:

Have a bonfire. You can toast hot dogs and marshmellows. Some games to play would be Truth or Dare or chubby bunny. Each person puts one marshmallow in their mouth and then they say “chubby bunny”. You keep adding one marshmallow at a time until they can’t say “chubby bunny” any longer or can’t keep the marshmallows in their mouth.

You can also do a burping contest. Each person chug a soda and then let out the loudest or stinkiest or most artistic burp. Have different categories and prizes for each.

Guess who the kisser is. Divide into boys and girls. Blindfold all the boys and put them in a line. Each girl will take a turn kissing each boy. The boys have to guess who each kiss was. The person who gets the most right is the winner.

Divide into boys and girls. Set up a sheet that people will stand behind. Have all the girls take off their shoes and stand behind the sheet so just their feet are showing. Each of the boys will try to guess which pair of feet belong to each girl. Afterwards, switch places so the boys stand behind the sheet and the girls have to guess. I played this once where instead of showing your feet, everyone took their pants off and stood their in their underwear. That was fun and you got to guess who was wearing a thong or bikinis and you got to see which guys were wearing boxers and which ones wore tighty whiteys.

Have fun!!!

James asks…

How can I set up my computer to run dual-monitors so I can play a game and surf the internet?

I have Windows XP and an NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150. I want to set it up so that I can play the Sims 2 or another full screen game on my laptop and be able to surf the internet or play poker or whatever on the other screen. I don’t know how to do this without the Sims minimizing on my laptop. How can I make it so that one screen is unaffected by the other?

admin answers:

Have you tried a monitor plugged in on your laptop

Go to your display properties turn on the second monitor, now find and put a check in the box marked „extend my desktop“ you will have to dig around in the properties box, they differ on different video cards

That will make the second screen become a part of your desktop, just drag whatever you want off the laptop screen onto it, note though some things may not work right on the second screen (video is likely one of them) it depends how the app draws on the screen

If you do not have a check in that box, the 2sd monitor will just be a duplicate of your laptop ( for projectors and stuff)

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