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Chris asks…

Rachel Shelley lesbian strip poker game?

I just saw a few clips of rachel shelly playing a very sexy strip poker game.

What film/show was this from. Any ideas?

admin answers:

The L word Papis poker lesson Season 4, Episode 6

Michael asks…

What are some easy to learn and fun betting games?

Either cards or dice or any other type is cool. The only ones I really know are Black Jack and Various forms of poker.

So if you know of any other simple fun betting games, please share!

admin answers:

Yea sure. Sea-low is a quick easy game. You get three dice. Each person throws in a set amount of money that is decided before each game. You roll 1 die to see who rolls first. Now the first person has three chances to roll a „hand“ in other words a pair, trips etc… If a person rolls 5,5,2> their hand is a 2, if they roll 5,5,6> their hand is a 6. Trip 6’s is the second best hand in the game.

The absolute best hand is 4,5,6. If you roll a 4,5,6 you automatically win and you get all the money in the pot and a new round starts. However the exact opposite goes for 1,2,3. If you roll that you automatically lose and the person next to you goes. Whoever has the highest hand after a complete round is made(Everyone has gone) wins. If no one rolled a hand (highly unlikely) it goes around once more.

Ok so say there is a tie. There are 4 people in a game 2 people both roll 5,5,6 and 2,2,6. They both have 6’s. They both throw in the same amount of money they originally threw in to build up the pot, and then those two roll again to see who gets the money in the pot. So if the set amount was $2 they each throw in another $2 but only those two people.

Clarification: You don’t have to set a 3 roll limit. You can roll until you get a hand. Trip 1’s beat a 6, however Trip 6’s beat trip 1’s etc…
A fun but addicting game. If anything is unclear message me and i’d be more than happy to help

Sharon asks…

How does internet gaming law work?

I want to set up a poker website where the first, second, and third place winners get gift certificates worth $25, $50, and $100. Members would pay a dollar a month to play. Would this be illegal according to U.S. gaming law since it is not, technically, gambling?

admin answers:

It’s a gray area. Let me explain it the best I can with an example:

There’s only one site I know of doing poker legally in the US – I can’t stand it, and I don’t know a lot of folks who can, either. It’s called „Duplicate Poker“. They are legal because the game has a serious variant. The cards you are dealt are dealt to another player. Your goal is to play the hand better than your „partner“ and get more chips in the round (or lose less) than your „partner“.

I tell you this because I am giving you an example of what they determined legal to conduct in the US. Duplicate Poker is legal as it is deemed a „game of skill“, much like World Winner, etc. . .

It has not been made formally illegal to gamble online with offshore accounts in most US states. A few, like Washington state, made expressly written law prohibiting it, but there is no federal law regarding individual gamblers with offshore sites. What isn’t legal is for US banks/credit card companies to process gaming transactions. What isn’t legal is a US-based conduction of a game of chance for monetary prizes That’s what the UIGEA laws relate to.

Sadly, they treat conventional poker as a „game of chance“ for these purposes.

Steven asks…

Is an instinctive love of beauty part of a biological drive to a perfect mate?

Even very beautiful children get more people involved in their protection and growth imo, because they are a set of healthy genes for future reproduction in the „pack“. And a lovely wife, with ample breasts and curves in the right places, is a potential good mother.
Carrying it too far though, can be like raising the stakes too high in a game of poker. Being left with nothing.
So is a realistic appreciation of beauty for the better health of the community?

admin answers:

Health and good features are what makes you beautiful, because you want your children to be healthy and beautiful

Charles asks…

How much is this poker chip set worth?

It says $50 on Kijiji, which seems like a great deal but I am wondering what it’s real value is in a retail store for example?

Anyone please advise?

admin answers:

I have the smaller version of that set, and it cost me around $30, so $50 sounds about right.

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