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Steven asks…

What is a skill game where I can make money?

I am tired of playing online poker and being all-in with the best hand and losing most of the time. I thought I would look for alternative games before I threw my computer out the window. I want to play a game which gives consistent winnings to skilled people. I do not consider poker to give „consistent“ winnings except to the luckiest bastards out there.

So I’m looking for suggestions and a little advice.

admin answers:

Sorry buddy but that’s your best option. Poker or some form of poker has the best chance of winning consistently.

Blackjack gives you the best odds for a house game.

However, you just need to get better at poker. I’m not saying you suck. I’m just saying that having the better probability doesn’t mean you always win. It just means you have a better chance to win. Work on not getting yourself in an All-In position unless you have very high odds of winning.

Lizzie asks…

Has anybody been to the Paradise Walker Hill casino in Seoul?

If so, do they have regular poker tables (not table games against the dealer, but hold em poker, etc)? How many tables do they have available?

admin answers:

11 seconds on google says they do have a poker room with regular cash games in hold em.

„Our cash games will include a variety of table stakes for different players, including USD $1/$2, USD $2/$5, & USD $10/$20 No-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker tables. Fixed-Limit and Pot-Limit games are also available upon request.

In addition, corporate and social groups have the option to hire an exclusive private room within the Walker Hill Casino for private functions. Bookings will initially be available Thursday to Sunday and can incorporate a poker tournament and a variety of accomodation and/or food and beverage packages.

If you have any questions about WalkerHill Poker Room, please visit our Contact Us page or call the poker room direct at +82 10 893 POKER.“

Nancy asks…

How do you know if you are a good poker player?

I am wondering how good I actually am, so how does one judge themselves? For instance on Pokerstars. com I finished top 50 out of 25,000 players. I usually finish top three in live touraments in the money and we usually chop it so I don’t play it out.

I avoid live games of $6-3 because I am not too comfortable in them, so how do I know if I have any talent for poker?

admin answers:

50th out of 25,000 was obviously a freeroll, so it doesn’t mean anything.

In general, you need at least 10,000 hands at a ring game at a given limit or a couple thousand tournaments at a given limit before you can accurately assess your ability as a player. That’s about how long it takes for the margin of error to work itself out. That doesn’t mean you can’t assess your game before you hit those numbers, but this should show you that coming out ahead in a few tournaments doesn’t prove a whole lot of anything.

Donna asks…

Is poker a game of skill or chance?

A court in East London is expected to decide this week whether poker is a game of skill, chance or a combination of both.

A jury has been asked to weigh up the role played by Lady Luck in the world’s most popular card game, after police accused a club owner of illegally hosting a poker session and levying winnings and stakes without a license.

Britain’s Gambling Act states that a license is needed for hosting a game of chance but not those of skill, like chess.

So, is poker a game of skill…or chance?

admin answers:

Skill…….you can get lucky but it won’t last!

Chris asks…

Do you think Poker is a game of chance?

There is a court in Britain now being taken by a casino to determine if poker is a game of chance or skill. So what do Yahoo Answerers think?

admin answers:

Its definitely a game of skill. If you see the final tables in tournaments the professionals tend to always make it. Granted there is some luck involved, just like anything you play.

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