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Thomas asks…

How do you play Poker?

I really want to get into the game..Poker. It just looks really addicting and fun for family or friends to play. I know a few games but not sure how to play any of them. I heard that the most popular Poker game is Texas Hold ‚em. But I dont have the slightest idea on how to play. I used to play simple games like…5 card stud, and such. But I forget. So if you can tell me how to play Texas Hold ‚em, that would be great.

Thanks so much everyone!!

admin answers:

Alright, 5-card stud is played by dealing 5 cards to each person. Then each person selects ehich cards he does not want, and exchanges the cards with the next cards on the top of the deck. Best hand wins.

Texas Hold ‚em is played by dealing each person 2 cards. Then when people are done betting you burn one card, put is aside not in use, then flip 3 cards. People put in there bets again. Repeat, burn 1 card, and flip 1 card. People do their bets. Again, burn 1 last card, flip the 5th card and people do their bets. Then you can select Five cards of the face up 5 and your 2. Any combination as long as it is five. You can choose all five on the table, and not the two you get at the beginning, or 1 of yours and 4 of those, or both of yours and 3 of yours. Each person makes their own best 5 and the best one wins.

Charles asks…

How can I play a game online with a friend?

Here’s the deal. Me and a bunch of friends decided to spend sometime dedicated to gaming. We already have decent gaming machines and a wifi connection. So my question is: can we connect our computers through this single wifi network we’ve got running? For example, play poker against each other using the connection as if it was online?
Yes. I mean use the wifi to play in a server through it.

Me >>>>>>>>>>>>> WIFI <<<<<<<<<<<<< Friends

admin answers:

Kind of like a lan party or system link? I would say yes you can, Google it.. I would give you my personal experience but im not quite sure if that’s the question your asking

Nancy asks…

Which computergames could you imagine for competitive gaming?

I know there are lot of gamers, who love CoD and CS series, but there are also simulators, mmorpgs, poker, chesss, etc.

I would like to play online, against humans, and i’m interested which computer games do you consider as competitive. Which games do you play, and how is it possible to find opponent? Approximately how many people play it?

Thanks ahead!

admin answers:

LEFT 4 DEAD 2 and TEAM FORTRESS 2 you can play with just about anyone online as but you need a steam account to do so and it’s totally free to register they have the best online experience ever hope you like shooting games

MMORPG dragon nest perhaps it’s free to play and has lot’s of people too

John asks…

Where is a good place to start to learn how to plat online poker?

I play poker with my buddies, and I’m pretty good at it. I would like to start making a little extra income with online poker but its a different game than what I’m used to. Are there any good books out there to read to learn online poker?. Thanks

admin answers:

If you play cash games:

Laura asks…

Does reading books from pro players really enhance your game?

I bought a bunch of books but I haven’t gotten around to reading them, I do love to read but I just can’t read poker books!! I’ve been doing good but would my game be better if I read the books by Sklansky and Harrington?

admin answers:

To an extent.

I believe it is crucial to formulate your own personal strategy that fits you over time. However, if you’re going to read a poker book, read the mechanical aspects of poker like, odds, implied odds, starting hands, position, etc. Johnny Chan never read a poker book, and look at what he’s done. You learn to adapt into your own style, and reading a poker book will only hinder the chemistry you’ve already created between you and the way you think. I believe the best way to enhance your game is through your own experience. I have read Doyle Brunson’s, „Super System“ and while it helped me with the technical and mathematical aspects of the game, it did not help me strategically because I simply play a different style.

PS: The most helpful information out of a poker book that I’ve recieved was lessons on bankroll management.

I hope you find this helpful.

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