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Steven asks…

What is a dollar bill with 7-1’s and 0 worth in liar’s poker?

just got this bill in change at gas station. I used to play liar’s poker 30 years ago, don’t even know if it’s still a bar game played with dollar bills.

admin answers:

Liar’s Poker, really was played 30 ago but also today.
Liar’s Poker is a game of chance and bluffing that can be played any time or any where there are people and paper money. Those who gamble by playing Liar’s Poker know that both novice and advanced players alike can be successful at winning. The game is played by using the serial numbers on paper bills to make up a poker hand.
U.S. And Canadian dollar bills have eight digits in their serial number. The game is played using the serial numbers of all players‘ bills to make up the best hand. You may be wondering how that is done without seeing the numbers of the other players? That’s what makes Liar’s Poker such an interesting game!
Yes, answering to your question. Still is played

David asks…

Who would win this religious poker game?

If Jesus Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, Moses, Loazi, Krishna, Joseph Smith, Huitzilopochtli, Quetzalcoatl, and Zeus were all playing poker together, who would place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd?

admin answers:


Paul asks…

Why are there so many retarded Bingo players on Zynga Poker?

So, first time I’ve played this game in ages. And I had to switch tables 15 times, because people were just chucking all in, repeatedly, before every single flop. I thought this was supposed to be Poker. And there are so many morons ruining it.

admin answers:

Ah, the trolls have reached Zynga.
Well, let’s say these people want to ruin it for everyone by for example going all-in. Since it’s free, there is nothing stopping them from doing it.

William asks…

Is anyone besides me having trouble wit YAHOO GAMES?

was playing poker and game froze up. Rebooted and was unable to get back into any poker lounge.

admin answers:

Increasing your virtual memory helps with the freezing/getting booted problem. You can increase your memory by going to start button, settings, control panel, system, advance tab, performance, advance tab, virtual memory, change it, make it 1000 kb or higher, click apply then ok .If it’s not listed as Kb,” Some are not.” Just double the number listed.
Yahoo’s new updates to games has caused a lot of game demo’s to be “damaged” click on TOOLS , internet options, general tab, temp files, settings, view objects. Delete the game you are having problems with. It will reload next time you visit the site. Then log on to yahoo mail or answers, Before you click on games. Being pre-logged in seems to make things go better and faster..

Nancy asks…

Tell me the features of poker game?

I didn’t have any idea about the poker game so pls give me and features of poker game…

admin answers:

Pokerstars is a different kind of Internet poker room. All online card rooms offer Texas Holdem and other standard poker games like Omaha and Stud, but Pokerstars also features world-class poker software and service. Some of the other special features which distinguish Pokerstars from the rest of the poker rooms on the Internet are outlined below. These are just a few of the offerings which make our card room the best in the galaxy.

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