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Laura asks…

why can poker be converted into an online platform?

I need to find out characteristics of why poker and other games (slots, baccarat, etc.) can be converted into an online platform.

admin answers:

Pretty simple:

1) The essence of those games is not physical. They’re not sports. In online poker you do lose the physical and verbal tells of live poker, but even so the game is mostly the same. And the other games you mentioned are exactly the same.

2) Computer-generated randomness is as random as shufflers etc., in fact probably more so. And slots already are computers to begin with, plus some of the table games have electronic versions at the casinos too.

Lizzie asks…

why are the Vegas World poker games so crooked?

I am retired and play these games for -FUN.You have taken all the fun out of the games.I get my daily points in morning and with in a few minutes they are gone.I have even tried playing the lowest amount you can play.Nothing-you have taken all the fun out of the game.I think what your trying to do -is get me to buy Charms.Scam Scam Scam

admin answers:

This is not a travel question.

Susan asks…

How to receive free money for playing online poker ?

I’ve heard that you can receive free money for playing poker by registering account. Is that real ? Why do they offer that ?

admin answers:

It’s true. Some online casino will offer the bonuses for signing up. My favorite site is . You’ve just put some information (real name, birth for checking your age..) to receive free money. You can use this money to try some game what you’ve never played before. They offer the bonuses to attract new players, because there are many of online casinos.

Donna asks…

What is the best game to learn in Vegas?

My husband and I learn a new game everytime we go. So far we’ve got poker, craps, blackjack, and let it ride down. What would be a good game for our upcoming trip?

admin answers:

Pai Gow poker and mini-bacarrat.

Michael asks…

How to be good at Poker?

What are some good tips to be good at poker?
A few friends and I have poker night set up every Sunday night.

admin answers:

Play a lot. It helps to read a couple of books to get some good ideas as well. If you are playing every Sunday night, you should have a good idea how your friends play, as they have a good idea about you, you want to change up your game.

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