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Richard asks…

what is more popular in poker: winner takes all or various amounts per standing?

we are playing a game and they are proposing winner takes all, but on tv, and other places i see people winning different amounts depending on their standing. example: winner takes $50, second place takes $40, third place takes $30, and the rest nothing. what is most popular way to play poker?

admin answers:

On a 9 players table, the most popular way is
1st : 50 %
2nd : 30 %
3rd : 20 %

On a 6 players table, the most popular way is
1st : 70 %
2nd : 30 %

Anything lower than 6 players can be a winner take all.

Mark asks…

What Are Fun Things To Do In The Summer? With Your Teenage Friends?

Summer time is coming up and I need some ideas to do with my friends. Most of my friends live in different towns but are still fairly close to me so travel can sometimes be a tiny issue, just sometimes though.

I already have these ideas:
bike ride
trampoline sleepover
amusment park
make movies
poker party
water balloons
board games

So any other ideas would be great 🙂 Thanks.

admin answers:

Call your local library and parks department for activities for your age group.

Linda asks…

What do you think of „props“ at the poker table?

I started learning about poker by watching Rounders and then classic matches. I remember being awe-struck by the poise the players held no matter what their cards or what cards turned up. I started watching more recent games and noticed a huge trend: props. What I mean by props is things like sunglasses, hoodies, earphones, etc. I understand why players use these things, but they kind of bug me. Keeping your emotions in check is part of the skill of playing poker, and part of what I love about live games. I credit myself as an amazing reader, and it would really unnerve me if other players were taking that element of the game away. Not to mention, I feel props are a crutch; rather than dealing with a problem that not only affects your poker player but your life in general, props only mask it. But what’s a player to do if suddenly his ray-bans get stolen?

Anyway, how do you feel about them?
I meant I felt they would be a crutch for a person as an individual, not for me because of my special talent. I think it’s better to work on a flaw rather than utilize a tool in order to cover it up. That’s like people who feel they have to get drunk to have fun; why not just learn how to have fun in any situation?
But I like what one of the first posters said; I’ve often heard analogies between poker and war, and in war, it makes sense to use any weapon at your disposal. I can dig that.
Great point, sabes. I suppose if I were a good enough poker player, I wouldn’t need an abscence of props to help my game. I’m by no means a good or even intermediate player, but I do enjoy the aspect of „reading“ opponents that live games offer, so I guess it’s just a pet peeve.

admin answers:

If players know it bugs you, then all the more reason to wear sunglasses at your table. That’s as long as it does not affect their play because of occasionally misreading their hand for example. Use every weapon you have.

Sandra asks…

Do you get nicotine from Cigars?

My friends and I have a once a month poker night (all girls) and we smoke cigars while we play. I don’t inhale, so am I getting nicotine? I’ve smoked cigarettes before, although I don’t usually, and I know they have given me a buzz, but cigars don’t seem to do that.
I just asked because I don’t want to get hooked or feel like starting to smoke cigarettes again.

admin answers:

Because cigars are not usually inhaled the amount of nicotine and the absorption rate/ intensity is reduced. But yes you do get some. I smoke cigarettes because they are more convenient but prefer cigars. Just that I don’t often have time to enjoy a good cigar.
P.S. I would I like to play poker, smoke a cigar and sip a decent whisky. I would love to be invited to a game with a bunch of cigar smokin‘ poker playin‘ women. To cool.

John asks…

5 card poker multiplayer game to play with my friends?

maybe you can offer something with 5 card draw poker? I need a free multiplayer game.

admin answers:

Yeah, that’s like the original poker game. It’s played with 5 cards in each players hands and you try to see who can get the best hand.

Or you can play Texas Hold ‚Em that’s really fun!

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