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Steven asks…

I have a poker showdown question for experienced players.?

I was playing a poker „cash“ game-Player A bet to the river and Playert B called. Player B asked to see Player A cards and Player A threw a ten of spades on the table holding on to his other card in disgust because he thought he was beat.
Player B showed (both his cards) two pair and starting collecting the pot when Player A decided to throw his other card on the table and another player noticed he had a straight. Who wins the pot? Also, there was no dealer-dealer button deals their own cards.

admin answers:

Player A wins, but would be kicked off of my table for showing only one card in the first place. If you make the bet, you have to show your hand, those are the rules period.

George asks…

I have to do a project in my Probability & Statistics class and I need to pick a casino-like game.?

I need a game like Poker, Roulette, Craps, 3 Card Poker, etc. that would involve the most amount of applicable statistic/probability laws and formulas. The points are graded by how much work is put into the project, so a game with more statistical relevance would be worth more. What game should I use?

admin answers:

Roulette has to be the most clear cut for modeling statistics. Every spin of the wheel is an independent event with a win or lose outcome.

Blackjack would be a bad choce, I think, since the odds change as the deck is depleted. In other words, the probability is a moving target in this game.

Poker would also be a poor choice, I think, since the game has a psychological element — that is, unless you are trying to prove the game doesn’t follow mere chance.

Lizzie asks…

Why is poker considered a taboo game?

Now I know that gambling tends to be involved in both professional and private games, and that players can not only have their shirts taken off their backs, but all of their other clothes as well, so to speak. But honestly, when people talk of someone, or knowing someone who plays poker, people tend to conjure up images of gambling addiction, extreme loss of money, and bankruptcy. Not all private games are for money, hell friends play against each other all of the time for fun. So why do people so closely associate poker with the act of gambling, and see it as this taboo activity that should not be talked about or discussed at length at all?

admin answers:

There’s no accounting for how persistently ignorant people can be! (Well, there is, but it’s a long story! -see ) With many people, it doesn’t matter how carefully you explain to them that poker is a game of immense skill, they just don’t want to listen. Most people who play poker are playing for fun. They enjoy the social interaction. They enjoy poker as a competition and they enjoy developing their skills. The vast majority of poker players play at fairly inconsequential stakes. Typical poker losses are tiny compared with people’s incomes and the amounts they spend on other things. At no point does your typical poker player bet his house or his wife on a hand. This isn’t, however, how poker is portrayed in films – and many people fail to distinguish between fiction and reality!

Mandy asks…

Where can I find a golden palomino trading card from the 1950s?

My father has told me a story from his childhood a couple of times. Essentially a bully stole his „golden palomino“ trading card from him when he was a kid. He never got it back.

My father was born in 1945 so I assume this card was probably made somewhere between 1952 to 1958. I’m thinking if I could find this it would be a good Christmas gift for him.

I’ve already been searching eBay and non-Sports Trading Card sites for months. No luck.

My dad told me that this wasn’t a trading card of Trigger. It also might be called a swap card? It was not a playing card from a deck of cards you would use to play poker or other casino game.

Any help would be greatly appreciated especially from one of his contemporaries.

Sasha – Thank you for answering. Were you a kid in the 50’s? Do you remember the swap cards?

The first few links you sent aren’t what I’m looking for.

First Link – A recently created greeting card.
Second, Third, and Fourth Links – Post Cards. I’m not looking for a post card.

Picture card is a good lead! I’ll be searching for that. That article seems to describe what I’m seeking.

What I’m looking for is more of a baseball card style. But, it is a non-sports picture, swap, or trading card. Something kids would collect and trade with each other on the play ground.

I’m hoping someone who was in grade school the same time as my dad would be able to tell me from their own experience what these cards are and where I can find them.

Specifically, my dad’s story is that the kids on the play ground would drop these cards into a circle. Whoever got closest to the center of the circle would get all the cards. The bully taped a nickel to the back of his card so it would drop quick and acc

admin answers:

You need to give us a brief more information. I’ll save this on my desktop and come back once in a while if I can help, not all the time I got a life too. This is what I found searching on the internet have your father look at what I found if it brings in memory.


Were you looking for a post card?

Going to this link might give you an information what your looking make sure to show him all those trading card if it brings back memories. Then if does you got something to follow through Instead of looking for trading card try „picture cards of 1950s“.

Michael asks…

How should someone alter play in Tournament vs Cash Game no limit Texas Hold Em game?

In poker no limit Texas Hold ‚Em, how should somebody play differently in a cash game vs tournament?

More aggressive/loose in a tournament?

admin answers:

All things considered, one usually plays more aggresively in a tournament, since you win nothing unless you finish in the money (barring bounties or the like.) However, even this will vary depending where in the tournament you are. Most will play more conservatively at first, since they don’t want to bust out early. As the bubble nears, some play aggressively (especially tall stacks who can afford to lose some chips in a bid to steal pots.)

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