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Nancy asks…

Why wont game show up in Andriod Market?

My wife and I both have Sony Ericsson XPERIA phones and I can download a game (Zynga Poker) but it does not show up in her phone?Why?
No when I search for the game on my phone it shows up with 26 results and my wifes phone shows 6 results but Zynga poker does not show up for her to download.

admin answers:

May not have fully installed right after the download completed. I would recommend pulling the battery, restarting the phone and go into the market and checking your „My apps“ section to see if it downloaded fully or installed…if it has installed, I would remove the app and redownload it.

Mary asks…

Do you need ethusiasm to be able to win in a poker tourny?

Ok i’m like very good in poker out of 20 poker tournies I can cash 18 of them the problem is I never get to the final table.. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here. The only thing I can think of is a lack of ethusiasm for the game, I guess this is due to playing to much, it feels so routine and i’m getting bored of it..

admin answers:

You cashed 18/20 tournaments without making the final table AND you’re getting bored winning all this money? I’d like to help you out with your problem but my „bullshitometer“ just went off.

Donald asks…

What’s the name of that poker game?

I found a demo for a poker game where your in a cowboy type town, and you have to work your way up to be a mayor or something. I can’t find it anywhere. Anyone know the name or where I can find it?

admin answers:

I remember an old one called „Dust“ I think.

John asks…

I want to play onlinepoker from the USA. How can I start a realmoney account without using my bank account?

I have played online poker before using debit cards purchased with cash. I want to get back in the game but I cannot use my bank account because my parents control it and would find out. The site I prefer really doesnt matter I just want to play on the site that fits my money situation best. Thankyou

admin answers:

Hello, I will try to write everything important for you in 4-5 sentences. THe only way to deposit into online poker from USA is with epassporte. Deposit with whatever method you are using into epassporte. Then deposit into
This is one of the few sites that accept USA players and also one of the best poker sites

Joseph asks…

What is a solid ROI for online Poker Players?

Mine is about 30-something percent. I have seen others with ridiculously high ROIs, I know the average is zero so anything above that is considered profitable. But as a poker player, I want to know how high of a consistent ROI would deem you as an exceptional player? After, say, 5000 games?

admin answers:

It all depends on what stakes you play. Generally the higher the buy in, the lower the ROI because the players are better. I think over 20% is good and probably means you can take a shot at higher stakes if you have the bankroll.

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