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George asks…

Can someone briefly explain the game of poker?

Id like to begin playing poker, except I dont know the first thing about it, can someone explain it to me in the simplest terms, if possible, Thanks
Thanks for your explanations guys
I just went on yahoo poker and I think Im grasping texas hold em

admin answers:

A great resource, believe it or not, are the Wikipedia pages.

Go to Wikipedia and do a search for „Texas Hold ‚em“ for example. They really lay out the rules quite well. Plus they give you some interesting history about the game.

Here is a Texas Hold ‚em link, but try searching for other games too. (5-card draw, 7-card stud, and Omaha are also popular versions of poker.)

David asks…

Which table game will give me the best shot at landing a job as a dealer in Maryland?

Out of poker, roulette, blackjack, craps, and baccarat, which game will give me the best chance at landing a dealing job? I’m pretty sure in the dealer school you can only take a course in one game, and seeing as how only 1 out of 10 applicants will be accepted, and I really need this job as a 24 y/o unemployed male looking to be able to pull my own weight financially in a relationship since my girlfriend said the best Christmas present would be me finding a job. Any insight into the dealing world and how to get ahead of the fellas I’ll be competing for jobs with would be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

Blackjack Roulette and Craps. Is this an Indian Casino? If yes then knowing many card games would help. You either deal poker or you deal the other games. Poker is in a separate room.
If you are guy then craps will give you the best chance. Its a game of a lot of practice.

Blackjack and Craps will get you in the door. Go to school, apply for the job, have a friendly attitude and meet the boss or manager. Don’t forget to smile and practice! They will look at attitude and personality and ability to deal in that order. When you show up to say Hi or audition/interview, wear a white dress shirt and black pants black socks black shoes. Be friendly with the people around you, smile, have a great attitude and you should get it. Remember its hospitality! Ask me anything you need, be glad to help

Susan asks…

Question about a hand in poker game?

I am playing poker and we are debating about this win. He has an ace,2,3,4and5 and says it is a flush is this true in the rules of Texas Hold’em?
Sorry meant to say straight. I always mix up flush and straight.

admin answers:

Yes that is a straight. And what is you hand so we know who won it. Anyway it goes like this from weakest to strongest.

– Pair
– 2 Pairs
– 3 of a kind
– Straight
– Flush
– Full house
– 4 of a kind
– Straight Flush
– Royal Flush

James asks…

what games can i play and download to my computer from internet?

i am a 14 year old boy that likes shooting and poker and boy things….i want a virtual game i can play and download to my laptop…. can u please help?
how do u play and download counter strike?

admin answers:

Steam is your friend
buy anything and download
also theres many many flash games on the net so look them up too
wouldnt touch torrents as they can end up really damaging your pc and potential viruses

Robert asks…

How can my bank tell me how to spend my money?

I had a hometown bank and moved my accounts to Chase bank. I went to put $50.00 on my online poker account to play a few games last night and my card was declined. When I called the bank they said“Chase does not condone gambling“ and would not let the charge go through. Who are they to say how I spend my money? Has anyone else had this problem?

admin answers:

Well it is not actually the bank’s fault.

In one of the millions of incompetent moves that Bush has been responsible for, he allowed some fanatic called Bill Frist add some anti-gambling measures to a completely unrelated must pass anti-terrorism bill.

Interestingly Frist, added language to the bill that made it completely legal for American companies to allow online horse betting (guess which lobby group paid someone off). He did this despite his assertion that gambling destroyed families.

But anyway, with the law change in late 2006, the government has pressured American banks to decline such transactions, because apparently the Bush administration thinks they know what is best for you.

So Chase has no choice but to decline or face the wrath of the government.

So what you need to do is take a trip to Walgreens (or similar) buy a $50 Visa/Mastercard gift card, and then use this for your deposit. These cards are not blocked, and work just fine.

When you are ready to pull your winnings out, you can have them send you a check.

I recommend Poker Stars or Full Tilt Poker, as the best places to play.

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