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Sharon asks…

What’s the name of the Gaga song on the Xfinity commercial?

I think it says America or Mary or something. I don’t know it, but here’s a list of songs it ISN’T:

Born this way, Judas, Paparazzi, Love Game, Poker Face, or Bad Romance.

admin answers:

Poker Face

Helen asks…

is 12th place out of 90 in a poker tournament good if i just learned how to play the day before?

my bf taught me how to play poker and then i played an online game and got 12th place out of 90 people the next day. he said that its really good and im wondering if hes just trying to be nice.
lol yes but is that good for someone who just learned how to play?

admin answers:

It sounds like you are a good student.

Coming in 12th in your first tourney is something to be proud of, but don’t think this automatically makes you a poker prodigy. Luck is always involved in tournaments and you have to win those „coin flip“ situations a few times to make it deep into the money.

Try a few more and see how you do. Don’t be disappointed if you are out early, as the true way to measure your skill is over many tournies, not just one or a handfull.

Have Fun!

Steven asks…

Which of the following pairs of events are mutually exclusive?

(a) A golfer scoring the lowest round in a 72-hole tournament and losing the game.
(b) A poker player getting two pairs and three of a kind on the same 5-card hand.
(c) Amother giving birth to a baby girl and a set of twin daughters on the same day.
(d) A tennis player losing the last game and winning the match.

admin answers:

If you count 4-4-4-Q-Q as a pair of fours a pair of queens and three fours none of them is mutually exclusive.

Paul asks…

Is there an online site to learn how to play VEGAS card games?

I want to learn how to play some new card gamed, so when I go to Vegas I can try them out.

Spanish 21
Let It Ride
3 Card Poker

Can anyone tell me a website where Ic an learn and play these games?

Any help that would be great!


admin answers:

Ok my friend, this is the best site out there for learning ALL gambeling related games,,, it is the premier site!!

They will give you ODDS to the T, help you learn how to play, and even give you a free download to play and practice most games.


good luck

Lizzie asks…

Would it be better to play Texas Holden Poker with two decks among 8 people?

Or would 1 deck be fine? I would prefer 1 deck but my fellow poker players say that it would be better with two because there’s a better chance of getting pairs and hands. Also doesn’t playing with two decks mess up the game?

admin answers:

Absolutely not that would not only ruin the game but it would be also not be very fun, that is something i would expect little kids to do or woman. If your friends want more excitement i recommend you try playing omaha, its like texas holdem but rules slightly different. Makes for a much more exciting game, give it a shot!

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