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Betty asks…

anyone know any popular gaming forums?

Hi All,
Anyone know the most popular casual arcade game or poker, games for money forums online? any of these that are popular would be really cool… Getting a bit bored of the current forum I use.

admin answers:

I’d say has a wide variety of forums, since you’re able to chat about anything related to popular competitive games.

Nancy asks…

How can I make an online game?

I want to be able to make a game for free with something other than game maker. Specifically, I want to make a game where you can play poker against real people. Does anyone know anything that I can use for free?

admin answers:

Go to this site

Laura asks…

Any good games to play with other couples?

Well I need naughty games to play with another couple. Neither couple is shy. We need something other than strip poker. Any good ideas with details on how to play would be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

1. Newlywed Game Have the guys go in one room and the girls go in the other room and each one ask and write down the answers. Then, get back together and see what questions your partner answers the same. 5 points for each correct answer. Here are some sample questions.
– How long is your partner’s penis or what is your partner’s bra size?
– Have you ever tasted sperm?
– How often does you partner masterbate?
– What is the shortest length of time it has taken to have sex?
– What is the longest length of time it has taken to have sex?
– Have you ever been caught having sex? If so, who was it? Where were you? What happened?
– What was the date that you and your partner first had sex?
– What was the date that you and your partner last had oral sex?
– What is your partner’s favorite sexual position?
– What is your partner’s least favorite sexual position?
– What is the most uncomfortable place you and your partner have ever had sex?
– Have you ever faked an orgasm with your partner?
– Does your current partner have the longest penis of any of your sex partners?

2. Truth or dare. The way I have seen Truth or Dare work best is to have everyone write five questions for the truth jar and two dares for the dare jar. Each person has to choose from one or the other until they are all gone.

It also helps with the dares for two reasons. First, you might draw your own dare so they aren’t too crazy like run down the street naked or something ridiculous that can’t be done. Second, it doesn’t turn in to escalating dares that become ridiculous and then everyone just chooses truth. With girls your age, the truth questions are normally more fun anyway. Some suggestions for truth questions.
– How many people have you slept with
– What is the shortest length of time between different sex partners?
– Have you ever had sex with more than one person at the same time? Threesomes? Was it two guys and a girl or two girls and a guy?
– Have you ever slept with one of your friends‘ brother or father?
– Have you ever been caught having sex? If so, give the group details. Who was it? Where were you? What happened?
– How old were you when you had sex?
– How old were you when you gave oral sex?
– How old were you when you got oral sex?
– Have you had anal sex? If so, give the group details. Who was it? Where were you? Would you do it again?

Dares: These are tough because I do not know what you would be comfortable with. If this is supposed to be X-rated, but not be an orgy, here are my suggestions.
1. Play one round naked.
2. Do a cartwheel naked.
3. Put a blindfold on the person and then they have to kiss three things. The group can choose whether it is food, people, etc. Don’t tell them after they take the blindfold off.
4. If you are a guy, measure your penis. Both length and circumference. This must be done in front of the group. If you are a girl, choose a vegetable of different length and width (Carrot, Banana, or Cucumber), to insert in your vagina. This must be done in front of the group.

3. I Never. Each person takes a turn saying something like „I have never kissed a boy.“ For all the other players, if they have „kissed a boy“ or done whatever the person says, then they lose a point, take a sip of their drink, etc. You can play that after they lose so many points they have to do a shot.

4. If you have a pool, go skinny dipping. Skinny dipping was always a favorite of mine, still is and I’m 24 years old. It is always more fun with just girls but I have never done it with couples. That could be great, too.

5. Liars Dice. This is a drinking game, but you could also do a stripping game or a combination. One player shakes the dice and then announces what they have rolled. For example, if they rolled a “4” and a “3”, then they would say “43”. The dice are covered with a cup and passed to the next player at the table. If they believe the person, then they must shake the dice and get a higher number. If they do not believe the person they uncover they dice. The person who is wrong, must take a sip of their drink or remove clothing.
Doubles are the highest.

6. You can always do a variation of strip poker, like strip pool, strip darts, etc.

7. There are also Board games like Pass Out, Naughty Dice, or others. Check out spencers gifts or

Have fun. I’m a little jealous.

Mary asks…

why does my pogo screen disappear in the middle of the game?

While playing poker on pogo. The screen the pops up to play poker on disappear in the middle of every game.
Please let me know how can I fix this problem?

admin answers:

Its probably glitched.

Ruth asks…

Where can a 19 year old play poker in USA?

I live in the lower half of the state of Illinois. I am trying to find the nearest, reasonable (Indian) casino that allows 19+ persons to play table games (poker). I believe only certain Indian casinos are allowed to accept persons under 21. The closest possible casinos I have found are in Minnesota, Michigan, and California, all of which are quite far away. I won’t use a fake ID. Please help.

admin answers:

In this situation the best solution could be playing on online gaming site – but before you start playing you need to make sure that they accept US players. One of the good online sites to play poker online is It’s safe and reliable gaming site that accept american players and legal age to play is 18+. Unfortunately, that’s the only option that comes to my mind right now. Good luck anyway.

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