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Thomas asks…

How do you manually calculate dutch bets?

I’ve seen many online calculators and those that u can d/l, but I’d like to know the formula in case I forget to take the laptop to the track. Thx.

admin answers:

Here is the formula for 3 horses
w=(a*b)+(c*d)+e*f) where
w = wagered amount (say $100)
a = amount for horse 1 to win $100 at odds b
b = odds on horse 1 (even money would be $4.00, 5 to 1 =12.00, etc)
c = amount for horse 2 to win $100
d = odds on horse 2
e = amount for horse 3
f = odds on horse 3

you could make this work for some full-field propositions but not all

Mark asks…

How can I tell what bra size I am?

I’ve tried the bra calculator online and looked at other peoples advice, and they all say I’m a 30b, but I don’t even fill an 30a cup. By the way, I’ve just started wearing cup bras and thought i was a 30aa, but maybe I’m just not used to wearing cup bras and don’t realize it’s too small? Please help me out ladies!

admin answers: gives very accurate readings. However most online bra size calculators are innacurate because they miss a key step. After taking the underbust measurment (ribcage) if the number is odd you add 5, if even add 4. That is how you calculate the band size. Then most online calculators do not even request the overbust measurement. Which the measuremnet around the fullest part of the brests minus the overbust measurement = the cup size. So if your measuremnets are
fullest part of breasts= 34
overbust= 32

You would wear a 32 B, but u should deff try

James asks…

How much of a tax rebate am I eligible for?

Last year I made roughly $12000. When I filed it said that I had paid roughly $1000 in taxes but got 800 some odd dollars back. Does that Refund hurt my chances of getting the full $600?

admin answers:

Go to the Kiplinger Tax Rebate calculator, enter your data, and it will compute your rebate for you.


Mandy asks…

How do horizontally shift logistic functions?

I have been trying to do this on my calculator all day, but I cannot seem to horizontally shift the function.

The function would look like this if Typed into the graphing calculator (assuming a TI is used):

(5x) / (x^2 + 1)^0.5

I can vertically shift it like any other graph, but when I try to shift it horizontally across the x-axis, I can’t ever seem to get it to do what I want. What do I need to do?

admin answers:

This is an odd function —> the graph is symmetrical to O . Why do you want to shift ?

David asks…

Can somebody work out the odds of winning this lottery please?

I got a game that has 39 balls in total and 7 balls get picked but I pick 3 and need to match 3. I’m playing 12 tickets on one draw so whats the odds of winning that?

admin answers:

I think Konami’s calculator is broken. I have the odds at 1 outta 2,855,160 but to be honest my calcuator is busted too and while my grasp of math is a little better than Konami’s, it still isn’t perfect.

If a guy named „Divide by Zero“ answers this question then just take his math and give him best answer.

Edit: Ok, I don’t know where I pulled 1 outta 2,855,160 from but it’s way off. I did calc 7/39 * 6/38 * 5/37 and somehow reduced it to 1 in 2.8 million. Yeah. Ummm, well I did say my math was shaky. (I’m gonna plead „not enough coffee“) Those fractions actually reduce to around 1 in 261. Evil Nigel has the better solution though. Let Excel do the work for you.

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