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George asks…

Quickest method of changing fractions into percentages?

I’m attempting to learn about pot odds in poker, however most of the methods to turn fractions into percentages seem to be pretty complicating for the amount of time you have to work them out, fractions like 25/100 aren’t exactly common.

admin answers:

Fraction ==> percentage

1st, use the numerator, divided by the denominator (top divide by bottem)
(most likely involves calculators…)

2nd multiply (times) by 100

You will end up w/ the percent

However, you could ESTIMATE :

estimate if it’s closer to 1/2?, 1/4? 1/3 ? 1/10 ? 1/5?

For example:

13 / 49.
Close to 13/50
close to 26%

4 / 51
close to 4/50
close to 8%

Donna asks…

Are you good at figuring out odds?

If you dealt 5 cards from a standard shuffled poker deck, what are the odds of 4 of them being the same suit?

admin answers:

I’ll use * for multiply

Exactly 5: 13/52 * 12/51 * 11/50 * 10/49 * 9/48

Exactly 4: 5 * (13/52 * 12/51 * 11/50 * 10/49 * 39/48)

4 or more: add the two numbers above.

These numbers are probabilities (fractions of 1). I’ve got a feeling „odds“ uses a different format so you’ll need to convert.

Mandy asks…

Is ZCT a professional defender of fulltilt poker?

He is always defending online poker and claiming it to be legit. I have played for YEARS, and I do play poker well. I have many examples of completely odd play that is beyond comprehension. Fulltilt doesn’t keep history to look back at, WHY? If they were fair why would they need a defense team prowling message boards to head off any negative comments. It’ll get out eventually.

admin answers:

As mentioned before you are a lost cause. You must be the same person who I have played with over the weekend, the one who cried whenever they lost a hand when they were favorite to win.

Yes there are more bad beats playing online, but that is because you see more hands. If you see 5x more hands in an hour the math says you will see 5x more bad beats.

The sites have nothing to gain by rigging the games because they make the same if player a or player b wins-they do not care who wins.

I have had my bad beats by people who have called questionable hands-but it is not rigged for me to lose. I have played on Full Tilt for about 2 months now and I am up playing the site and those are with bad beats.

Time for you to look in the mirror to see the problem.

Susan asks…

is winning at poker really just luck?

I mean, if you are a reasonably good player who understands the odds and textbook tactics and you play against others like that. Does it not just turn out to be down to luck?

admin answers:

There are lot of people who believes that there is no skill in poker just luck. If you have played poker only once in your life than luck is a huge factor and it doesn’t even matter if you play against the best players in the world or the worst players. With luck you can get a great hand and win the pot and after that never play poker again. In short time period bad players without any skill can win but in a long time period skill will separate the winners from the looser who have no skill and only luck. For further information you may get reference from here

Mark asks…

Since i drink whiskey, play poker and have the odd cigar at 20 years old, i’m feeling like a dying breed…?

am i the last from the mould of the real men?

May i also point out i cried at ‚The Notebook‘ last night? ha

admin answers:

You are a real man but only because you cried at the notebook not because you drink,smoke and gamble.

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