Your Questions About Free Poker Websites

Mark asks…

Are there any FREE poker/texas hold em websites where yu can maek an account and save your winnings?

admin answers:

Most of the main poker sites (e.g. PokerStars and Full Tilt) are free, in that they have play money tables and freerolls. Yes, you can accumulate your play money. It won’t disappear after every session. 🙂

And if you do well in freerolls, that real money will stay in your account and you can try to build from that.

William asks…

on some online poker websites, ________ is the term for a free poker game that requires no money???

fill in the _______ i think it starts with a „B“

plzzzz answer this question!!!

admin answers:

A freeroll?, but that doesn’t start with a B…..

James asks…

need information on free money for poker websites?

admin answers:

Well almost all poker sites offer freerolls and they are pretty popular but it’s very hard to make any money off them. It took pro Jesus Ferguson almost a year to just make a few bucks, and I mean a few like 5 or 10 bucks or something. He was looking to prove a point but the real point that got proved is just how damn hard it is to make any money off of freerolls. It’s like trying to win the WSOP main event and you get a Bic Mac and large fries if you do it 🙂

If you’re just in it for the entertainment of it all though then these make a lot of sense. You can’t lose and it’s not the purely retarded play of free money games either. While the competition isn’t quite what you’d see at a micro entry tournament it’s close enough to be meaningful and entertaining.

If you’re looking to make some money though at poker you really need to start out with even a tiny bankroll and play the tiny games.

King Cobra Poker

Helen asks…

are there any free online poker training websites that don’t use money?

admin answers:

Most online poker training websites charge a monthly subscription fee. I have to say, I’m a fan of both Cardrunners and Deucescracked, and although they are not cheap, I feel they pay for themselves with the improvement in my online game. Some of these training sites offer a trial (which is awesome).

If you’re just starting out (a novice) then there are less expensive ways to get „training“– depending on what your poker goals are. There are books, forums, etc.

I recommend doing a YouTube search on „how to become a successful online poker player“ and start from there– at least it’s free right?

Charles asks…

At some „Online Poker“ websites, ________ is the term for a free poker game that requires no money?

what is the answer to this question?

admin answers:

Play money allows you to play for fun but you usually can’t win anything. A free-roll is a tournament that doesn’t cost anything to enter but you can win real money or sometimes entries into larger tournaments like the World Series of Poker. If you play real money poker take advantage of every free roll available to you.

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