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Charles asks…

What is the bestest ever website builder on earth?

I would really like to know it. I would want it to be completely FREE.
I love to have an unlimited amount of pages. I have already tried: Tinypurplegrapes, the officiial site builder, freeewebs, piczo – which is brilliant and synthasite.

admin answers:

Why is this under video & online games?

Lisa asks…

what is the bestest way to eat pastaa?

i always find it hard to eat pasta in a nice neat manner i always end up having to eat it like zoidberg does. lol suggestions?

admin answers:

Just put your fork in the pasta and spin it round and round that way the pasta is neatly on the fork. I like pasta so much I just grub sometimes.. Make sure you have a lot of napkins

Donald asks…

What is the bestest most favoritests of books in the entire universe in your opinion?

sorry about the childishness. i’m just curious if there’s any books in the entire world that people like the best that by chance i haven’t read already.

admin answers:

The books of the Bible–seriously, because so much of WEstern literature is based on them. So many titles come right from the Bible, too.

Mandy asks…

Survey: What is the bestest way to tell your friends how much their support means to you in your time of loss?

I am thinking of adopting a few dozen cats and naming them each after a friend, but I am not sure I can afford the cat litter.

admin answers:

Dirty text messages work for Uncle Snotty. Course, I can’t really afford one of them fancy phones – but you can text random strangers in the 416 area code. One of ‚em is bound to know me and pass along the message.

Thomas asks…

What is the absolute bestest beer ever made?

I’m talking about the kind of beer legends are made of. Like an ancient beer brewed by Dwarven masters in barrels made of gold and platinum poured from pitchers made from the most rare and valuable gems. The kind of beer kings and emperors go to war over.

I’m tired of drinking this Keystone pisswater.

admin answers:

I hear plain label generic beer is wonderful and easy on the pocketbook.

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