Your Questions About Tournament Brackets

Charles asks…

When will the NCAA Tournament brackets come out?

admin answers:

The selection show is at 6pm EST on CBS.

Sandra asks…

So how’s your NCAA Tournament Brackets going?


Are you watching or planning to watch any UEFA Cup games today?
I had BYU beating Texas A&M so that set me back. So far I’m good on the other games.
@ playmaker4747: Kasey Keller doesn’t have much left but he’s on the team to sell tickets and to get a chance to finish his career. Red Bulls will win tonight.
@ Dark Mistress: USC & UCLA still haven’t play. California was eliminated.
@ Rapture: Illinois U plays W Kentucky tonight.

admin answers:

Lol same, i already lost twice. I predicted butler and cal to win! I predicted Pittsburgh vs Memphis for the final. Pittsburgh winning it all. But i think i should had went for UNC.

Sandy asks…

what website will tell me whatthe 2009 ncaa nit tournament brackets are 10 points?

plz help u will get 10 points first person

admin answers:

Here is the NIT Bracket in PDF!


you can look at it here

Michael asks…

How are the NCAA tournament teams assigned to the Midwest, South, etc. brackets?

Sorry to be so naive – I just never understood how UCLA is in the East bracket, for instance, and yet how the teams seem to be ranked within those brackets, and not ranked, like 1-65. Thank you.

admin answers:

The top teams in each bracket tend to play close to home. (e.g. This year, the #1’s are Pitt (East), Louisville (Midwest), North Carolina (South), and UConn (West).) They try to give the higher seed games close to home, but UConn was the lowest ranked #1 seed, but was still a #1 seed. Therefore, they’re playing in the West bracket. Presumably, the same goes for UCLA as the 6 in the East. The brackets are not exclusive to teams from that region of the country. Teams can get bids anywhere, but if you’re a higher seed, they try to keep it close to home, though it doesn’t always work that way. Also, only the top few seeds in each bracket tend to get that kind of attention (the top 3 or 4).

Daniel asks…

What is going on with the tournament pick’em brackets? Im unable to make my selections?

admin answers:

Ok good, now I know I am not the only one

everything is blank right? I thought I was just a complete idiot and not able to navigate the site


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