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John asks…

Virgin mobile picture from computer to phone trouble?

Obviously I’m with virgin mobile. I’m trying to get a picture frm my computer to my phone. I have the snapper phone. Don’t give me any of that e-mail crap unless I’m doing it wrong. I text to my email, it works so i go to reply and erase all text (i have put both nothing in the text box and i have put „hi“) I then attach a picture to the email. I send it. I shortly recieve a „text“ message on my phone which only shows what i put in the text box. nothing about a picture or a pic message. I have tried searchng for a website that will pic message to my phone for me. the only one I found didn’t even send anything to my phone. I have tried a program called „send to phone“ which will generall send anything to your phone. It worked but i could not actually get the piicture onto my phone. I could only veiw it and I have to connect to the internet to view it. I have tried both gmail and yahoo, neither got the job done. I was planning to switch to a cyclops phone but maybe not if this will hapen
If I should switch to another provider and phone (willing) I want pay per minute-a messaging plan-and support for various downloads (the sims game for mobile phones is one that i wanted, you know to pass the time during those moments) because vmobile is very strict with what you can put on your phone. so help in any way would be nice. please and thank you in advance.

admin answers:

You have to put have u tried that?

Ken asks…

what should i do with virgin mobile cell phone?

virign mobile is the only cell phone plan my parens will let me get:( its not that bad, because its cheap but im not too sure what i should do about my x-tc. i got it literally three months age and its almost one hundred percent shot. its starting to slide the opposite way, and the buttons on the side dont work, it only vibrates once instead of vibrating four times, it doesnt send my text messages and the „g“ button on the keboard never works right. i dont want to just return it and get a new one, cause its jsut gonna break again. and i need a cell phone with a keyboard or else its too hard for me to text. i know about the wildcard, and ive had it before but the screen was too smal and i didnt like it. and like i said before, im nto allowed to have any other phone plans then virgin mobile. not even helio. what should i do? my cell phone’s not going to last much longer… 🙁

admin answers:

XTC phones are made by Kyocera. Kyocera phones are crap. Stick with other VM phones by better companies like the Samsung Slash or Mantra or the LG Flare and Aloha. Both LG and Samsung are major phone makers with way less problems in general then Krapceras.
The XTC has a rep for looking good but falling apart.

Also, right now the Slash is on sale online at and for five other phones , you can get 20% off if you put in the promo code EXTRA20 when you checkout.
Don’t ever buy any airtime from VM with anything other then topups because they will overcharge your card , especially if you put it on file with them for autopay.. Ordering phones is okay. Shipping is free too.

You can also get free minutes/text/web by using this app called Embee Mobile Wallet app on Facebook. Google it.

You fill out surveys for free minutes/ dollar credit. You can use it on Virgin mobile and 20 other prepaid carriers. You can even get unlimited plans with it. Just make sure if you sign up, you give a dummy email and dummy facebook account so that you can control possible spam they might send you.

This is a great replacement for Sugar Mama.

Paul asks…

Best Virgin Mobile phone to invest in offering these features I want most…?

I just signed up with VM & chose the Samsung Intercept because it seemed like the best one…but now I’m not so sure.

Is there a VM phone you would suggest that has all/most of these features?

~Good camera with flash preferably, and camcorder

~Threaded texting with QWERTY board (either physical or virtual are fine)…preferably with the feature where it puts apostrophes/capitalizes words for you automatically like the Intercept does

~ability to send & receive picture messages

~fast loading speed on phone & when browsing the internet, etc

~music/mp3 player

~Visual voicemail would be great

~~~Basically, I mostly care about the features I use the most—almost all I use my phone for is texting, photos/video, internet browsing and music…I rarely make phone calls, I never play games, and I don’t need it for work/business purposes~~~

Any suggestions or advice would be awesome!!!

~~~Oh yeah! If the phone doesn’t have one or two of the features I listed…are there any apps that could replace them/do the same thing?


admin answers:

I am currently on my second phone from virgin mobile , I previously had the LG Rumor and have recently upgraded to the iPhone .. Which I think is amazing

Has a amazing camera and tons of apps that you can download for almost anything you could want .. Can send and receive pics , you can also video chat with friends/family etc ..

Also if you can set it up so that whenever your at home you use your Internet so nothing costs you money .. Very helpful for me

I havnt yet found something about the IPhone that I have a problem with , although when purchasing you may have to pay a security deposit which may range from under $400 to over $500

David asks…

unlocking sony ericsson mobile phone on virgin HELP!?

ok basically…
i just found my sony ericsson w580i mobile phone that was on a virgin contract over a year ago.
i wanted to unlock it coz my girlfriends phone is breaking and i was going to give it to her but i dont want to have to pay for a code to do it.

i know you have to know your IMEI number by typing *#06# into your phone and i’ve got that but like i said i dont know what to do with it without paying. i’ve searched the internet for free services and code generators but nothing apart from services i have to pay for or only really generators for nokias.

now i sort of wondered how these programs or services found out the NCK code (i think) just from the IMEI number. is there any sort of equation or a way of working out the unlock code from the IMEI number??? thats what i would really like to know.

also i have read that to get the the NCK Code put it screen, if you know what i mean, you must press <**< but it only works without the sim in and also it only gives an option of SP with a lock against it :S


admin answers:

For Unlocking the Sony Ericsson W580I model mobile from the Network lock,Unlock code is Best..It’s not gathered one…Unlock code calculators,Unlock code Generators generate code every time for IMEI number,model of the PHONE YOU ENTERED while unlocking,,,,So Unlock code is best those are legal and safe one….It’s code gathered from the Network Data Base..You can follow the Free Unlocking Instructions and unlock the mobile…In the site
You can get the Unlock code at low cost and unlock the Sony Erickson model mobile from the Network lock…

Sony Ericsson W580i Unlocking Instructions

Warning : Do not enter any wrong unlock codes on your Sony Ericsson W580i mobile phones. If you enter over a certain amount of wrong unlock codes on your Sony Ericsson W580i mobile phone, your phone may get hard locked and sometimes become unusable.

1 – Switch ON your Sony Ericsson W580i without any SIM Card,
2 – Press the left arrow key/button once,
3 – Press the button * twice,
4 – Press the left arrow key/button once,
5 – The message „Personalize with MNC2“ will appear, (or you will have displayed an unlock menu, select the lock you want to unlock)
6 – Enter the Unlock Code.

If your Sony Ericsson W580i does not have a left arrow button/key(e.g. Sony Ericsson W950i) and on a few phones(not all) that have a „JOGDIAL“ you must press the „down arrow“ key/button instead of the „left arrow“ key/button for step 2 & 4. We mean by „Down Arrow“ to direct the Jogdial down! In the Sony Ericsson W950i and some other models, the down arrow button/key would be located on the side of the phone.

Sandra asks…

The Virgin mobile X-TC has serious issues.?

I bought the X-TC and returned it the next day. It would randomly cut off, it would beep and vibrate for no reason, after being on for 3 hours, it became so slow that it took nearly an entire minute just to open a new incoming text message. I really like the X-TC when it works. some people say that they havent had any problems, some say the same as me. Could it be a certain amount of defective phones were released and some of them were not defective? This is the nicest phone Virgin Mobile offers without a contract. Should i go somewhere else and buy another X-TC and see if it does the same thing?

oh, and i already have the Virgin mobile Arc which is like the next best phone from VM (still sucks though). I need a QWERTY keyboard because i only text

admin answers:

I had an issue like yours. I have the enV 3 and the night that i bought it it wouldnt stay on for 10 seconds so i brought it to the store and they created an update that my phone should of had on it. Your case might be the same. I would take it to a virgin mobile store ( idk if they have 1 i have verizon) and tell them that something is wrong. I even got a discount cause i had to come back 1 day after i bought it ( my mom got pissed cause she had to drive me like 20 mins to fix it). Good luck and hope your phone gets fixed!!!!!!!

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