Your Questions About Pokerus And Macho Brace

Charles asks…

A Question About EV Training In Pokemon Pearl?

I was wondering what is the difference between

Pokerus + Macho Brace and
Pokerus + Power Item

Is there any difference here? Which item gives more EVs?

admin answers:

The macho brace works on all stats while the power items only work for one stat. The ev’s gained are the same. (original ev’s given by that pokemon times 4)

Ruth asks…

How can you ev-train using the Macho Brace in Pokemon White version? Examples?

I’m still pretty new to the whole „ev-training“ community, so bare with me. I understand how to ev-train with a power item, but i’m confused on ev-training with a Macho Brace. How is the macho brace different from the power items? Which is easier: training with Macho Brace or with Power items?
I have a Adamant 31 iv attack Sawk, and I wanna ev-train it. How can I ev-trian it with the macho brace? (What should I battle and how many of those should i battle, should it hold the brace and when, Pokerus or no?)

admin answers:

It is easier to train with the Power Items as they give you four evs as opposed to two. So Follow this formula:
(N +4)*2
N is the number of Evs a pokemon gives after it faints. 4 is for the power item. And two is for Pokerus.
So if you fought a machop you would get 10 evs. If you fought a machoke it would give you 12.

If you were using the macho brace follow this formula:

So use pokerus, power item, and fight machops as they give attack EVs.

Betty asks…

Which is the best place to ev train my charizard?

Please tell me which place to ev train my charizard. It should be easy and simple. How many ev points I get when I have pokerus and macho brace.

admin answers:

Depends on what EVs your gonna train your charizard in.
Are you gonna be Speed and Sp.Atk?
Coz its the best option since most moves later on for charizard are special attack.

But Atk + Sp.Atk is also a good way to go.

As for best places you can try this website

if you have macho brace it would be 2 EVS for whatever pokemon EV you get.
SO with pokerus it would be (2 x 2)
so 2 EV from macho X 2 = 4 EV gain total

Pokerus just multiplies whatever EV you have by 2
eg you win against wild pidgey with macho brace since pidgey gives 1 Speed EV and you have Macho brace on charizard you now get 2 EV in speed, but with pokerus on charizard multiply by 2.

Hope it helps lolz

pokerus just multiplies ev gain by 2

Paul asks…

What is the best way to EV train?

I am trying to EV train my lv.60 Heracross, that i caught at lv.60, with Pokerus and a macho brace. The stat that I’m trying to rasie is attack, and the pokemon I’m fighting is Patrat in pokemon white which gives off 1 att value. How many Patrats do i have to bit with Pokerus and the macho brace to max out Heracross’s att?

admin answers:

This is very simple. Macho Brace and Pokerus both double the amount of EVs you get per pokemon, therefore, 1 x 2 = 2 for the macho brace, and 2 x 2 = 4 with pokerous. Therefore each patrat gives you 4 Evs, or 1 actual base stat. SO, to max the attack stat (Get 252 EVs in Attack) you need to kill 252 / 4 = 63. So, you need to kill 63 Patrats to max out your attack stat. 😉

If you need anymore help feel free to email me at (:

George asks…

Pokemon help- How come Pokerus has no effect?

I recently spread pokerus from a Mamoswine (who was in the PC) to my Scrafty and Drapion. I really dont care baout Drapion yet but I just want to train Scrafty (level 81 now). When Scrafty was infected it was level 80. I really don’t see much of a difference of leveling up and EV’s than it does when Scrafty doesnt have the virus.And Scrafty is holding a Macho Brace.

admin answers:

Here’s why:

Pokerus only speeds up the process of EV gaining and you probably maxed your pokemon’s EVs by now. (considering they’re a high level)

So Scrafty’s EVs are now maxed the only way to EV train now is to lower it’s EVs in a stat you’re not bothered about lowering.

Because every pokemon you fight gives out EVs in either HP, attack, defense, special attack, special defense and speed.

You can get an overall maximum EV for all your stats of 510, and you can only have 252 EVs per stat, however you can’t have 252 EVs on every stat, only 2. Leaving you with an extra 4 EVs to put on any other stat.

4 EVs on attack equals an extra stat on attack so 252 EVs in attack = 63 extra EVs in attack.

Ok pokerus doubles the EVs gained so if you battle 2 Lilipup you’ll get 4 EVs (lilipup yields 1 EV in attack, but pokerus doubles it elaving you with 2 EVs in attack.

If you give your pokemon a power bracer (whilst infected) battling a Lilipup will give you 10 EVs, here’s why: Lilipup yileds 1 EV in attack, holding a Power bracer gives an extra 4 EVs after battling then x 2 due to pokerus = 10 EVs.

How to EV-train:
Let your pokemon hold an EV-enhancing item for the EV you want to train in,
check this link about EV-enhancing items:

Then battle a pokemon that gives EVs in either HP, attack, defense… Basically the EV you want you pokemon to have.

Give your pokemon vitamins like protein, calcium, etc.
You can give for example 10 Proteins, which = 100 EVs in attack, however you are limited to giving 10 vitamins of one variety to a pokemon’s stat.

Finally battle pokemon that gives the EVs you want for your pokemon.

Check this link out for EV training locations (at the bottom in the web link)

If you want to re-train your pokemon in EVs you’ll have to give your pokemon EV berries which lowers EVs in stats.

Pomeg Berry = – 10 EVs in HP
Kelpsy Berry = – 10 EVs in Attack
Qualot Berry = – 10 EVs in Defense
Hondew berry = – 10 Evs in special attack
Grepa berry = – 10 evs in special defense
Tamato berry = – 10 evs in speed

So say your Scrafty has 120 EVs in HP and only 200 in attack (252 is the max) and you want to give it the extra 52 EVs in attack you’ll have to feed it 12 Pomeg berries (to get the HP EVs to 0) then battle 26 Lilipup (if infected by pokerus)

Note important: When a pokemon has been infected with pokerus yet it loses the „PKRS“ status on it’s summary, this only means it can’t spread the infection, it will still gain doubled EVs if it was once infected.

To work out which ones you want to lower either use an EV calculator , or if you have wi-fi use this website:

I hope this helps 🙂

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