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Laura asks…

Do you think there is a smidgeon of evidence that Creation was not Divinely inspired?

I mean apart from the absolute wonder of science, nature and all the human attirbutes we share to enjoy them ,the very laws that govern them and the miracle of dna do you think there is the slightest chance it happened mindlessly ? Any mathematical odds to ponder? Even a hint of a possibility?


admin answers:

Very simple and thoughtful question,

I love mathematics and statistics, and cannot get enough zeros on my calculator to work out the basic odds of anything being created from nothing.
You see, there are so many anomalies which the poor science based cynics have no clue about, yet it exists;

A scientific explanation of how we originated

As humans are omnivores that is having molars and incisors, we need other food in addition to meat:

Is it a coincidence that celery has the same proportion of calcium as our bones, and this has been proven beneficial to our bones?

Tomatoes have four cavities just like a heart, and now it has been proven that they are good for the well being of our hearts.

Grapefruits and oranges when cut through have the same appearance of a cut through of mammary glands… Guess what… Yep… Good for the well being of women’s bits.

Walnuts have the appearance of a human brain… And… You know the answer..good for our brain’s well being.

Kidney beans shaped like a kidney, and guess what?

I could give many more examples, but are they all simply coincidental?

Can any sceptic simply discount the weighty volumes of evidence they are faced with?

We know that a human is made up of this much water and that much calcium, carbon and other stuff, and all this could be almost replicated in a laboratory…but….
How do you make life?

Only a higher being can do that… Or would a sceptic explain that away too?

Thanks for letting me answer your question.


Mary asks…

How to find exact value of trigonometric functions?

Example: sin( -pi/7 ) * csc ( 15pi / 7 )

How do you do this without a calculator?
Here’s what I figured out so far:

sin -pi/7 * sin 7/15pi = sin -1/15?

admin answers:

Since sine is an odd function, sin(-pi/7)=-sin(pi/7)
Since 2pi is equivalent to 0 in the unit circle, you can subtract that from 15pi/7, giving you
Now you have a much easier problem to solve:
Since cosecant is 1/sine, now we have
Which equals -1

If you have to do these problems without a calculator, you just need to continue applying these type of manipulations until you get to something you can do by hand. It’s tricky at first, but with practice, they can be fun to solve!

Nancy asks…

How do I calculate my correct bra size?

I’ve taken my measurements for below my bust, my bust line, and the top of my chest. I’ve plugged these numbers into various bra size calculators, and gotten everything from 36B to 36G. Help, please?
Okay.. See, my difference is six inches, but I KNOW I am not big enough to be even a DD. I know I’m a B or a C, I just don’t know which it is.. That’s why I keep getting so screwed up.

admin answers:

I found the givemebliss calculator to be one cup size too small. It’s really close though! The rest of their advice was great however.
Anyway, to the asker:
If you are 6inches from your ribs to your bust, then in the UK you’re an E, and in the US you’re an F. Give or take a cup size depending on the individual. I don’t care what you think you know about“big“ bra sizes, throw it all out. A D is not necessarily big. An A is not microscopic. They can, in fact, be the same thing. Did you know that a 28D is the same cup size as a 34A?
You’re getting screwed up because you’re stuck on the assumption that A = tiny and DD = SO BIG BACK PAINSSSS NO WAYY.

Just measure yourself, try on a bra, and stop thinking that you have to be huge to be DD+
Measure under your ribs, just under the breasts, straight across the back. If it’s even, keep it or add 2in. Try both. If it’s odd, add 1in. This is your band size. It could be a 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 etc. I’ve seen them go to 50+ The problem with many calculators is that they add 4-5 inches
Measure your bust. Round to the closest inch. Calculate the difference.
1in – A
2in – B
3in – C
4in – D
5in – DD/E (UK DD)
6in – DDD/F (UK E)
7in – G (UK F)
8in – H (UK FF)

They can go much further than that.

You measured six inches difference, guess what- You’re a DDD/F, which does not mean you’re a freak. It means you’re about to discover what the bra industry is hiding from you as soon as you try this! I went from a 36D to a 32DDD/F, then to a 30G (UK F), and then I was fitted for a 28H (UK FF) which fit me best of all. You need to get over your fear of DD+ sizes, and fast. A proper fitting bra eliminates the sag, shoulder pain, makes you look taller, and several pounds thinner just by lifting you up where you should be.

I know we’ve all been raised in the „A-DD is all there is, anything beyond that is obviously fake“ thing. I’m about to explain how a 28D is a 34A. That is, how number determines the size of the letter.
An A is always 1inch, a B is always 2, C is always 3, and so on. But size of these cups is always relevant to the number next to them- a 34D is bigger than a 32D. Obviously a 4inch difference on a girl who measures 33 or 34 underneath makes bigger breasts than the girl who only measures 31 or 32! This is basically sister sizing.
Sister sizes are just a bunch of different band sizes (28, 30, 32, 34, etc) with the same cup volume. 34D is the example I’ll use.
To find the same size on a smaller number, go down a number, up a letter: 34D, 32DD/E, 30DDD/F, 28G.
Say you want to find the larger band size for a 28D. Go up a number, down a letter: 28D, 30C, 32B, 34A.
Although they sound different, they are all the same breast size but on different body sizes.

This is what I mean when I say cup sizes are relevant to the band. When you have a girl wearing a proper 34D, this implies only 4 inches of difference between ribs and breasts. But when you take breasts that size and put them on a band size of 28 suddenly it becomes 7 inches of difference- a G cup! And this G cup doesn’t look large at all, not anything close to what you would expect. Another great way to demonstrate this is to hold a 34D and 38D next to eachother- look at the difference! Then hold a 34D and 38B next to eachother and see how similar they actually are.

Just go ahead and try it. I know you’re really stuck on this thing where you can’t possibly be a DD. I thought that when I was 12 and spilling out of my horribly fitting 36C that was riding up on my shoulders, because „normal girls aren’t a DD. Fake girls are the only ones that are E’s or F’s!“
Go for it- try on the size you measure out to be. Try on the bigger sister size as well. Try a cup size bigger, a cup size smaller Just don’t stick with the C cups, poor fitting bras are terrible for your breasts, shoulders, back and neck, and they look awful!`

Carol asks…

Odds of people working together having the same Birthdays?

What are the odds that two men who work together have
1) the same birthday
2) brothers with the same birthday
3) fathers with the same birthday

Is there a place that one can input these questions and get the odds ?

Thanks in advance

admin answers:

Its 0.3% chance for questions 1,2 and 3.

Here is a calculator for it, which also shows you the calculation;

Donald asks…

Whats the easiest way to find the cube root of a larger number without a calculator?

Whats the easiest way to find the cube root of a larger number without a calculator?

e.g. 512

admin answers:

Well.. I did it in my head really fast. It’s 8..

I just use common sense.. I took numbers that seemed like they MIGHT turn out to be 512.. No odds, because any cube of an odd number is odd.

I started with 6.. 6 x 6 = 36. I didn’t instantly know what 36 x 6 was off the top of my head, but I knew it was much less than 512…

Then I tired 12 (why I went to 112 instead of 10 is beyond me.. But 12 x 12 = 144.. And 144 x 12 is much greater than 512..

So I landed on 8…

Guess and check, really.

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