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William asks…

Does anyone from the Tampa area know of any free poker leagues games on Friday nights,which is tonite?

I haven’t played poker in a while and I’m feigning for a game, even if its just for points. Is there a bar that has a friday night game, for free?

admin answers:


click in the link

You could choose between these rooms in order to play


Susan asks…

Can restaurants in GA require a purhase in order to be eligible for bar cash prize won in a free poker game?

I was playing in a „Free“ bar poker game, when I was told that in order to receive a prize (bar cash) I had to have a tab. Is this legal? I would have thought this was the same thing as requiring a purchase in order to win, which would change the game to where it was „gambling“ according to the Georgia legal definition of such.

admin answers:

That sounds pretty fishy to me however I do not know the laws, the rules of the given tournament, or the restaurant/bar policy. All this said several years ago when I started playing I went with friends to several locations to play these tournaments just to have a good time and never once did they pull anything like that with us because if I remember correctly a lot of the people were just there for the poker…………………………

David asks…

How to win free poker chips and not get scammed?

Now i have tried a lot of sites for free zynga texas holdem chips, and i have been scammed every time , now do you know any legal way, to Earn and Win free poker chips , please tell me , i cant afford to buy chips.

thanks in advance

admin answers:

Hey , i know an interessing site , is called TPChips Free Zynga Poker Chips , i have been their user now for a long time, and i have managed to win 10 million chips until now , its not easy i admin because you have to complete surveys , but its SAFE , and they really give the Chips away , at least i havent foud any other yet till now , and if you do register do it throug my referral link and i will get free points for the surveys you fill (you will get to) ,

and the ling to the site is

Jenny asks…

Does anyone know of a good free poker site?

One without hundreds of ads or trying to take all my details. I just want to play some good, free poker lol.

admin answers:

Try Yahoo Games.

And has some too.

Lisa asks…

Does anyone know of a place where I can play online poker for free and win prizes?

Is there any non download free poker website that you don’t need to pay and you win money.

admin answers:

What you’re looking for is , the payout money all the time, and it’s free to play.

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