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Helen asks…

What was the point of william regal winning the king of the ring tournament?

well i know i know the king of the ring happend a long time ago but i thought it was just a waste of a show.

admin answers:

It was basically to give William Regal a push and get him established again on the Raw roster as a bona fide wrestler again.He had been working hard on his skills and getting into shape for a return to the ring while he was the Raw GM.So when he felt ready to return to wrestling, the WWE management booked him to win King of the Ring as part of this push to get him over again.

Betty asks…

What do you think of this Idea for a King of the Ring tournament?

Every match in the tournament would be a different gimmick match (not a deathmatch tournament mind you), but subtle gimmick matches like falls count anywhere, steel cage, and the final match would be a ladder match, a TLC match, or a Hell in a Cell Match, or an Iron Man Match?

admin answers:

Hmmmmm not reall good.

Ok every heard of shock value? It decrase every time you show the same thing as it isnt as shocking anymore.

So as a gimmick match for everyone one, the fans begin to be ‚hardcored out'( i forget which tna ppv it was this year but it was when jarret began to reutn. Anyway the fans were hardocred out by the end)

futhmore it reallt takes alot out of the induvaduals wreslting these matchs.

The idea of king of the ring is to be the best wreslter in the ring. No use of wepons or gimmicks but the best at tradtional wresltersing. Even though your idea aeems good. Its better kept for another torment.

Sharon asks…

What was Cactus Jack’s music in IWA Japan during the King of the Deathmatch tournament in 1995?

I hear it is by Megadeth,but I can’t find the song. I’m a wrestler,and I’d like to use it as my ring music.
He said in his book that it is by Megadeth,but I can’t find it. It’s not Peace Sells or Symphony of Destruction. If you look it up on You Tube there is a video of his promos from there and it has his music on it for for few seconds.

admin answers:

I know he used this one in IWA: , but I don’t know if he used it for these particular matches. This song is called „Symphony of Destruction“, and it is by Megadeth. Is this the one you’re looking for?
EDIT: This one? Http://
Click on „Cactus Jacks IWA Theme“.

David asks…

What is the purpose of the king of the ring tournament?

I mean whenever i hear it i really don’t care should i? why dose it exist.

admin answers:

It was the Money in the Bank ladder match of it’s day. Was used to launch stars, winning it meant you usually went onto big things but that was when it was all done in one night. Now i don’t see much point in it because it is done weekly but way back when it was a big achievement and really did make some of solo stars. Edge when solo after winning now look at him, Stone Cold Made himself after winning it and even Triple H as well.

Joseph asks…

Will the King of the Ring tournament happen this year?

If so, which brand(s) would you like to see host it. Who should win the King of the Ring tournament?

admin answers:

No… Last year the King of the Ring tournament was held, and the final was at Judgement Day… Judgement Day has already occured, and they haven’t announce a KOTR pay per view, so unfortunately there will be no King of the Ring this year…

If they did hold it, I would like to see Matt Hardy win it. Historically, the KOTR tournament is the bridge from midcarder to superstar. Many past tag team wrestlers got there start as single wrestlers by winning the tournament and becoming main eventers. (i.e. Edge, Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, Billy Gunn)
Winning the King of the Ring tournament is the best way to go from being a decent wrestler to one of the top stars, and I think that’s what Matt Hardy is about to do.

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