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David asks…

Does anyone know an online poker site that is FREE (no REAL money involved)??

I’ve just started playing Poker and want a site that I can practice on without having to actually lose (or yes, win) any real world money… just the virtual stuff is fine thankyou! =)

Preferably no downloads either (purely online playing), but that is only preferencial… if its a good site then I won’t mind as much….

admin answers:

I play here…
and here…
and have never payed a penny.

Linda asks…

Poker software to play with friends online?

I’ve been trying to find a poker software that is free to download, and has the option to play with fake money and allow me to set up private tables so that I can play with just friends. So far, I’ve had no luck, can someone please help?

admin answers:

Here is your luck now. Go to allinspot poker You can invite or add friends and set up a private tourney. You can also create a team with your friends. The team tourney is a very popular form on allinspot. There are over 100 teams competing now.

It’s free, and there are freeroll games every hour, so you can stick the site all day. It’s not real money, instead it uses virtual money, but you can exchange your earnings for US$ on the exchange market, which means the chips have real value.

I think allinspot is the best place to hang out friends while playing poker.

Donald asks…

What is a free to play non-downloadable poker site?

I want to start playing online poker and I need help finding a website. I’m looking for one that is 100% free, no personal info or credit card. I also want it so you play against real people with virtual money or chips. If it must be downloaded i don’t mind, but if it’s in browser that’s great. Any answers tips or advice is greatly appreciated.


admin answers:

First of all, are you American? If not, then I think you should look at the big websites like Full Tilt Poker, although you would have to download them. On Full Tilt, you can play Rush Poker with play money, you don’t have to give them card details or make a deposit (as regards personal info, you could make it up if you’re that worried). But better still, they do a number of Freeroll tournaments during the day, where you can enter for free, but could still end up winning money! Although sometimes, you have to gain entry to a bigger tournament first, and you won’t win big money on any of them. Full Tilt is very generous with the number of freerolls they do, however a lot of people hate the site because of the sheer number of bad beats you suffer. I’m sure most big sites have freerolls too, maybe look at PartyPoker. I don’t like PokerStars though.

If you ARE American, then ignore that last paragraph. Because of an amendment to some bill, Americans have been unable to play poker for money online for the last few months. They can’t even play in the freerolls (I don’t know about Rush Poker). Your best bet in this case would be Goodgame Poker (see link below) or Governor of Poker. You don’t need to download either of these.

Richard asks…

What is the best online poker site?

It has to be free and no downloading involved. Im looking to play texas hold’em.

admin answers:

Pokerroom is your best bet for instant play, not requiring a download. The player traffic is medium, not as high as pokerstars or fulltilt, but it’s a credible, established company.

You can get a free $50 +$100 poker bankroll with no deposit required. Great strategy articles and an active forum.


You can choose pokerroom, full tilt, pokerstars, and others as your poker platform.

Good luck!

James asks…

Poker online anyone knows a good place? ?

hey I would like to know a place where I can play poker but not like gambling just for fun you know no gambling just play and have fun 🙂

also if anyone knows where can I download a poker game for my PC free and SAFE please share 🙂

admin answers:

Just make a myspace account … There is applications … Of which one is poker … I play it … It’s texas holdem and completely free

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