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Mandy asks…

How do I know how much power my computer needs? It crashes all the time…?


My computer restarts when I play CS:S and it’s really annoying. A dude I know says he thinks it something wrong with my power supply. Is there any calculator or something on the internet that can help me find how much I need?

admin answers:

Don’t know how much power your PC consumes?
Check out this link to help calculate what size power supply you may need.


this page is a very simple drop down menu style page and will help you to calculate the power level needed by your installed components,
after it has made the calculations it will also open a pop up window with some suggested models in the power range needed.

Newegg also have one on there website, it is very straight forward to use, you simple find your parts in the drop down lists
and check the how many boxes beside the grahics card, ram and odd (optical disk drive eg: dvd or cd burner)
then click on the calculate button then it will give you a recommended PSU Wattage the click on the find psu button and it
bring up a page with products that match your needs.

Lisa asks…

What is the remainder when 5^99 is divided by 2, 3, and 7?

Can someone please explain to me how to solve this problem? Is there a way to break down this question and solve a simpler problem to get the answer? I have tried it on my calculator but it keeps giving me these huge numbers and there aren’t even enough places to fit it on the screen. Please help!

admin answers:

Yea, this is a great problem, but as you can see, not appropriate for a calculator. But your suggestion to solve a simpler problem is right on. So let’s investigate the first seven powers of 5 as follows:

5^1 = 5
5^2 = 25
5^3 = 125
5^4 = 625
5^5 = 3125
5^6 = 15,625
5^7 = 78,125

Now, divide each of these powers by 2. Since they’re all odd, the remainder will be 1 each time. OK, that’s the easy one.

Now divide each power by 3. You can use a calculator here. Your answer will be a decimal with the decimal part being either .333… Or .666… That is, remainder is either 1 or 2. So, when we divide 5^99 by 3 do we get 1 or 2 as a remainder? Simply look for a pattern! Remainder is 1 on the even powers and 2 on the odd powers. So remainder should be 2 when dividing 5^99 by 3. OK, not so hard!

Now, what about dividing these powers by 7? There’s a pattern here as well, but you’ll have to divide at least the first seven powers of 5 to see what’s happening. Once again, use your calculator. The decimal part of your answer is basically equal to a fraction–some number over 7. Here are the remainders I get: 5, 4, 6, 2, 3, 1, 5, 4, … You’ll notice that these remainders form a pattern too. They occur in groups of 6 and simply repeat in the same order each time. So how many of these groups of 6 are there in 99? Not so hard to figure out, huh? There’d be 6 such groups. But then you have to tack on three additional remainders to get to the exponent 99. So in the seventh group of 6 we just look at 5, 4, 6 and conclude that 6 must be the remainder when dividing 5^99 by 7.

This technique of solving a simpler problem along with looking for a pattern is an excellent problem solving technique. Your brain in reality is vastly superior to any calculator!

Chris asks…

Will investments made by my parents for their business effect how much i get from fafsa and cal grant?

earlier i found out that i was supposed to get but UC Irvine had requested my parents tax return and a UCI dependent worksheet. i’m worried that as they review it they might think its weird that our income is about half of what we had last year since my parents invested a lot for their business.

is that odd? i need money otherwise i’ll have to go to city college.

anyone have a similar experience?
fafsa help!

admin answers:

It is a good chance you were selected for verification. In the meantime, you can test your theory about your parents business by going on the finaid calculator.

Susan asks…

Is it possible for me to get child support?

I’m a full time college student living at home with no job and I receive WIC and medicaid to support my infant daughter. Her father has no job simply because he refuses to look for one and he lives with his mother. I have her 5 days a week while he has her 2 days a week. He’s saying that if I take him to court, I’ll be the one who has to pay HIM child support because I get student loan money. Is that true? All of her medical expenses are billed to me and I have full custody. What are the odds that I would win/lose the case? Please help!

admin answers:

Well, you have her five days, he has her two. That’s three days difference in how much each of you are responsible for. Each of you are capable of earning minimum wage, so that will be what each of your obligations are calculated based on. You’re fulfilling all 3.5 days of your obligation plus 1.5 days of his, he owes you the difference, which your state’s child support calculator will decide the amount of.

Jenny asks…

Does it matter what calculator to use in physics?

for physics would it matter what calculator to use(scientific or graphing)
and if it didn’t would graphing atleast be more of help than the scientific
because im not sure whether to get a ti-89 titanium or an x solar 36 II something

admin answers:

I have the TI-89 Ti, and it’s a pretty awesome calculator.

I find it particularly helpful if you like to study concepts and not memorize math. Sometimes, you get a hard integral and forget what to do exactly with it. So, it has SYMBOLIC integration and differentiation. Plug that in, and it will tell you what the answer should be. Odds are you’ll remember what to do to solve it.

This is also handy when trying to prove something. You can go back and check to make sure you didn’t screw up the calculus. It beats spending a half hour wondering why, only to realize you did the chain rule wrong.

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