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Donald asks…

What are the odds of an event occurring in 100 trials if each trial is a 1:100 probability?

This was recently asked in the astronomy section. I remember seeing something like it once before and a number like 73% sticks in my mind. Any good probability people out there?
Oh yeah. Okay folks. Thanks a lot.

admin answers:

What you have to do is turn it around and note that the probability of its NOT HAPPENING is .99.

The probability of its not happening in two tries is .99 X .99.

The probability of its not happening in 100 tries is .99^100.

You need a calculator for that one: 0.99^100 is 0.366.

The probability of its happening in 100 tries is 1-.366 = .633, or about 63.4%.

Richard asks…

What are the odds of buying a house with a 616 credit score?

And as a first time home buyer
I am 21 and bought my car about 7 months ago and I think it lowered my credit score. Is that typical to actually have your score lower when you take out an auto loan?

admin answers:

There was a lady on there that said she got an FHA with a score below 600.

FHA does not look at your credit score.
They look at your reports – like all other mortgage companies.
When you pay something off on your credit report – the score will not reflect it.
BUT.. Mortgage lendenders will see the items as PAID and act accordingly.

She had cleaned up her credit reports – paid everything off – and got a pay on delete on a medical bill. She had also paid in full all her current credit card debts, and had car loan paid off.

The FICO is based on history – so once you pay off itemes the score improves very slowly.
Take care of what’s in your reports – make sure everything is paid and try to get a down payment together.
New credit reduces the score for the first 6 months (6 payments reported).
That car payment will directly reduce the amount of your monthly mortgage payment you will qualify for.
Google „how much house can I afford“.
Google „FHA loan calculator“
Google „closing costs calculator“
Google „wikipedia PMI.
You’ll pay PMI if you don’t put 20% down.

Carol asks…

What is the difference between 32AA and 32A?

Well under my breasts are 27, and my fullest part of my breast are 28. Which is a 32A… RIGHT? but someone told me I am an AA not an A. I used a Bra Calculator Online. So am I a 32 A OR A 32AA?

admin answers:

You are a 32 A because your full boobs are 1 inch bigger than your frame size so the same size as your frame size is AA ,1 inch bigger is A, 2 inches bigger is B, 3 inches bigger is a C , and 4 inches bigger is a D and so on and so on;By the way if you get an odd number for your frame size add 5 inches to your frame size and if you get an even add 6,then you measure you full breast and remember the one inch bigger thing makes one cup size bigger.
I hope i helped and sorry i but 32 AA i meant 32 A.

William asks…

What website should I go to, to find a job that interests me?

So this might sound odd, but I am in high school… and I am looking for a website that has information on jobs like salaries, degree’s needed, that sort of thing of professions so I get a glance of what I might want to do after I graduate from high school and college….

admin answers:

Wonder what field of work you should go into? Need to know the going salary for it? is designed to meet that need. At this site you will be provided with a real-time salary report tailored to fit your job title, location, education skills and experience. Before setting off to college or if you are changing careers, look here first. Of course you should always choose a career that you will like, but it is helpful to find one that pays well. It’s also nice to know what the expected pay will be. No one wants to find out after four years of college that the pay is not what she expected.

Difficulty: Moderate


Log on to and you will see that you have four choices. These choices are: Job Candidate, Employee, Job Seeker and Business. While we could search through all of these, we will use Job Seeker to show how to use this site.


Click on the empty circle located next to the words “Job Seeker.” Then click “Continue” to get a customized salary report.


Type into the empty boxes your expected job title, years in the field, the country, city and ZIP code and click „next.“ Some of these are optional and some are required.


Select a job title that is fairly specific. When you fill in this required information you will be brought to another page that asks you to be more specific in the title of your position. Then click „confirm.“


Enter specific skills that are critical to the job you are seeking. In addition, enter in the blank box any certifications that you have that will be related to this new position and click „next.“


Choose the type of employer you would like to work for. You can use the drop down menu provided. This will show you a list of types of employers that offer this type of job.


Type in the name of the college you graduated from and the year. Click “next” and then you will be redirected to create a free account. After you provide an email address and a password, will create a report for you. Click “continue” to see it. An advertisement will come up first. To get past it, click on the bottom left where it says, “To skip this form, click here.”

8 has quite a bit to offer the job seeker. Peruse through the various topics on your personal pages. Topics such as; My salary reports, Tools & Calculators, Career Planning, Salary Negotiation, and Education. This is one site that will prove to be beneficial to your future.

Top 2011 Lists of

Read more: How to Use |

Thomas asks…

Will we have a boy or girl according to the Chinese Calendar?

My wife and I are trying for a boy after having a daughter. Due to pregnancies issues…my wife has to time conception with medication. We are planned to conceive this Saturday. One Chinese calendar goes by months only (this month is marked in blue indicating „boy“) another Chinese calendar calculator goes by the day and indicates „girl“. Which is correct?

You tell me…Here’s the info: My wifes age is 30 (by Gregorian Calendar: birth date is Sept. 7, 1977) We are trying to conceive this Saturday, 12/22.

admin answers:

According to the one I use, (don’t remember the name), but it goes like this…..

Mother’s Age at Conception: 30

Month of Conception: 12

Then you add the two together equalling 42.

According to this chart, even numbers are girls and odd numbers are boys. ?????

I don’t know. Personally, I think it is a 50/50 chance and you get what you get because either a girl or boy sperm made it first.

It is fun to see what you would „possibly“ have, however, I am not sure that I would rely entirely on these charts.

For $5000 you can do sperm picks. With this, they take all the girl and all the boys sperms, separate them and inseminate them that way. By doing this, you better your chances of getting what you want, but it is not 100 % proven and it is very costly.

Good luck on Saturday!! Husband and I are doing IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) in January if we don’t conceive this month and we are hoping for a girl.

Lots of Baby Dust and Baby Sticky Glue to you and your wife.

God Bless!!

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