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Paul asks…

What are the chances, of recieving a hand of poker and all five cards are the same suit?

What are the chances, of recieving a hand of poker and all five cards are the same suit?
I saw the question on TV today and the answer was 25% but I believe its less as the first card drawn would be a twenty five then you have four more draws after so the percentage would diminish. Someone put it right for me. as I cant sleep.?

admin answers:

Here is the correct answer showing the math.

First we must determine the total number of possible 5 cards hands we can be dealt from a standard 52 card deck. To do this we will use the combination math function. The combination function makes use of factorials. The factorial function is defined as:

n! = n X (n – 1) X (n – 2) X … X 1

For example:

6! = 6 X 5 X 4 X 3 X 2 X 1 = 720

The combination function which determines how many sets of r objects each (combinations) you can make from a defined number of n objects is defined as follows:

C(n,r) = n! / r! (n – r)!

So the number of 5 card hands which can be made from a single deck of 52 cards is as follows:

C(52,5) = 52! / (5! X (52 – 5)!)
= 52! / (120 X 47!)
= (52 X 51 X 50 X 49 X 48 X 47!) / (120 X 47!)
= (52 X 51 X 50 X 49 X 48) / 120
= 311875200 / 120
= 2598960 possible 5 card hands from a deck of 52 cards

Now that we know the number of all possible 5 card poker hands we can calculate the odds of being dealt a particular hand.

A flush is 5 cards all of the same suit. There are four suits of 13 cards each in a standard 52 card deck. To calculate the number of possible flush hands we can use the combination function from above as follows:

C(13,5) = 13! / (5! X (13 – 5)!
= 13! / (120 X 8!)
= (13 X 12 X 11 X 10 X 9 X 8!) / (120 X 8!)
= (13 X 12 X 11 X 10 X 9) / 120
= 154440 / 120
= 1287 possible hands of 5 cards all of the same suit for a single suit

We take the above number and multiply by 4 to get 5148 possible flush hands. It should be noted that this figure includes all straight flushes and royal flush hands also. We calculate the odds of being dealt a flush by dividing 5148 by 2598960 which gives us 0.0019808 or 0.19808%.

If you wish to eliminate the royal flush/straight flush hands, you should subtract 40 (the total number of straight flush hands) from 5148 which gives us 5108. So we divide 5108 by 2598960 which gives us 0.0019654 or 0.19654%.

To convert the above percentages to odds you would subtract the percentage value from 100 and divide the result by the percentage value:

Odds of being dealt a flush (including straight flush hands):
(100 – 0.19808) / 0.19808 = 99.80192 / 0.19808 = 503.8465-to-1 or 504-to-1

Odds of being dealt a flush (excluding straight flush hands):
(100 – 0.19654) / 0.0.19654 = 99.80346 / 0.19654 = 507.8022-to-1 or 508-to-1

I am not sure where they got the 25% figure but it is totally wrong.

Joseph asks…

would someone mind explaining to me how the odds of blackjack are figured?

what makes it 51%H and 49%P?
isnt it technically different from hand to hand?
and what are some strategies to raise my odds of winning?

admin answers:

I know the system your thinking of and it is completely useless. As long as the dealer has the cards he has a 14 % advantage. No matter what anyone tells you. Card counting is pure casino propaganda.
Your best bet is at three card poker don,t play the bonus call without looking, this gives you a 3 % edge…

Linda asks…

Where can i find baccarat systems, so i can improve my odds in that game?

Where can i find baccarat systems, so i can improve my odds in that game?

admin answers:

I suggest you to play poker, its better than baccarat because its more skill, in baccarat the odds are always against you while in poker its more skill.

Thomas asks…

Since few weeksI have had an odd feeling, like the start of a cold in my left sinus area and a burning sensati?

( like a hot poker) in the left sinus the area behind my nose. , it is keep coming & going. What is it and what am I suppose to do?

admin answers:

You have allergies. Take benadryl or something like it.

Susan asks…

Why do people get so addicted to poker?

I know so many people who are ruining their lives playing poker all the time. I knew a guy in my English class who wrote all of his papers about it, another that would only come into work to get money to play when he busted out, and have a friend who quit his job to play it full-time.

What’s the deal? It’s kind of pathetic.

admin answers:

I personally am pretty obsessed with poker, though I’ve never been a gambler. Played slots once, found it boring. Played blackjack, found it monotonous. Never played the lottery, I would prefer to invest my money (THAT gets dopamine running in my brain). So what is the difference?

I’m a curious person, and my brain goes nutty over strategy and honing a skill. Slots, lottery, sports betting, blackjack… None of them provided it for me. But poker did. There’s the mathematical aspect of calculating pot odds, and the logical likelihood of the outcome of certain cards, or what your opponent may have. There’s the Hollywood acting of bluffing and maintaining a poker face. There’s the psychological aspect of reading tells and finding patterns and developing or deciphering a person’s image. And then, yes, there is the dopamine-inducing thrill of not knowing exactly what’s going to happen, but knowing if you are successful, you could get a huge reward. As you can see, it’s more multi-dimensional than just gambling, which is why a lot of poker players are perturbed at that label. It IS possible to develop better acting skills. It IS possible to understand odds and probabilities more fully. It IS possible to learn how to read people and to understand psychology. Therefore, poker IS a skill. And like any skill, you can spend your entire life trying to master it and there will STILL be more to learn. The same cannot be said for any other form of gambling. So that’s the deal. Call it pathetic if you will, I beg to differ, though.

On a side note, I can see why, with the examples you have encountered, you might think it pathetic. Poker in itself is not pathetic. But, to a degree, I think that if you can not manage your finances, or even your life in general, and you are playing this game… Poker is a fun game, and I believe should be treated as such. It’s a lifestyle for very few people, and it’s not an easy one. When people are using up all their spare money and constantly losing it, when people start using rent/grocery money to fund this GAME, when people start neglecting other aspects of their lifes… That’s a pretty sad state.

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