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Nancy asks…

What can I do with backstage passes at warped tour?

So me and my friend got backstage passes for warped tour through music saves life, but I don’t really know what that means or anything. What do I do with them? Will I get to hang out backstage with bands, or will I get just like special area access too some place? I don’t get it.

admin answers:

You can get VIP passes from different places. I’m pretty sure the music saves lives VIP pass allows you to go backstage for one band. Meaning you will meet with whoever is bringing you on stage (someone with an all access pass) maybe 5 minutes before the band plays, then you will go up on the stage and stand at the back during the band’s set. Most likely it will have to be a band on the main stage (because the other stages are smaller and they usually won’t bring people up) and before 4 (because main stage gets too crowded after 4) so you don’t actually get to pick ANY band you want, but you still have quite a few options.

Other VIP passes give you other privelages. I have a VIP pass through that allows me to get in an hour early, go backstage and hang out (but only for about 15 min) and watch a band (main stage, before 4) from backstage.

Another way to get backstage is volunteer for catering. You gotta do some work but you get to watch a band backstage and you get to serve food to all the bands

John asks…

Getting a photo pass to a concert via the publicist?

If I got a photo pass to a tour via the tour’s publicist, not the band’s publicist, does that mean I can shoot all the bands on the tour?


admin answers:

It’s different all the time. You really have to contact the publicist you recieved the pass from and ask them.

Maria asks…

People who have had warped tour passes or are familar with them?

okay so this year i have VIP „voucher“ pass to Warped Tour 2010 Uniondale, NY. I have about 10 bands that i want to see. the VIP pass allows me to go on the side of the bands performance and watch them do their thing but the question is… is it really that good? like is it better than being in the crowd or would i rather be in the front of the crowd than being backstage? oh and what other offers does the VIP pass offer?

admin answers:

Sometimes the backstage pass is helpful if you don’t want to be in the crowd.I mean personally I love being in the crowd,I like the energy and being surrounded by people and just that setting I love it.You can just pick and choose though.For example( I don’t know the bands your watching so I’ll take example of some off my head) say you’re going to watch The Rocket Summer and you wanna be in the crowd because it’ll be just a chill performance,then stick in the crowd,but say you’re gonna go see a band like Bring Me The Horizon and you know the crowds going to be very big,crowded and wild and you don’t want to deal with it,then that’s when the VIP pass would be a great help.I say just go whatever you want the VIP will come in handy if you really want it though.

Betty asks…

Can you buy six flags great adventure VIP Passes at the entrance?

Hey i was just wondering if you could buy Six Flags Great Adventure VIP Passes at the entrance? I would buy the pass without the tour guide. How much will it cost?

admin answers:

I am not sure if you can buy them at the entrance but u can definately buy them online at or at
AND VIP tours start at $299… Hope i helped

Ruth asks…

Should I book my Eurail tickets ahead of time of time this summer in Europe?

I bought a Eurail pass to tour europe this summer but I am not sure if I have to get the tickets from city to city ahead of time or do I just go to station and travel on that day? I’m going in the busy season ALL of July.

I know the train times but fear getting sold out and being stuck in that city for that day.

Does anyone know about this?

admin answers:

Generally, you can book tickets right up to the time you need to leave on the trains that require reservations. However, there are some popular routes, such as the night trains between Paris and Italy or Paris and Barcelona that do sell out early. Even if they do not sell out, there is a quota on the number of Eurail passes that can be used on the train, so you could have to pay full fare rather than just the supplement.

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