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Maria asks…

How long will a highschool volleyball tournament last?

I have a tournament for highschool on saturday and I want to make plans for after the tournament. Is there any way to round about the length of the whole tournament?

admin answers:

Hi friend,

How many teams are there in the tournament ? It’s so easy if the nbr is an even one. Then you may apply the direct eliminating rule ( the lost teams stop, the winners go ahead ), and the 2 last teams will play the final match. Otherwise, you have to divide the teams in groups ( e.g 4 groups ), then choose the last 4 teams for the semi final and final round.


Helen asks…

How does a handicap work in a tournament in golf?

Ive figured my handicap to be a 14, and i want to play a tournament but dont know how it really works at the total of the round….Ive only been playing for 3 years without lessons.

admin answers:

The handicap in a golf tournament is usually based on the best 10 scores of your last 20 rounds. This depends on the golf tournament sponsor who may play his tournament at a percentage of handicap or Stableford which allows everyone to compete by eliminating worst scores on holes depending on the gross score turned in.A scratch golfer would have no handicap,etc.

Thomas asks…

What do you wear to a volleyball tournament?

Tomorrow is the volleyball tournament and i don’t know what to wear. I have to wear our schools Jersey but what to wear for like pants or shorts? It cold here so like nothing too cold. And i go to a catholic school so i can’t wear the short short spandex ones.

admin answers:

You should wear spandex (not the short-short ones) when on the court playing. To save time you can wear the spandex and wear sweats on top of that before the game, so that when it comes time to play, you can just take off the sweats and your spandex is already there.

Richard asks…

How do you go to a yugioh tournament in a store or how do you make one?

I really want to go to a yugioh tournament and not lose cards. How do you make one or go to one in a store?

admin answers:

To find tournaments try this

sometimes comic stores and toy stores have them just ask someone who works there

hope this helped! =D

Chris asks…

Is the Masters tournament the toughest for professional golfers to quality to play?

Is it based on past scores of world tournament, or based on invitation?

I know that past masters champion is invited back years later.

admin answers:

There are many things involved in qualifying for the Masters. The top 16 finishers in last year’s tournament automatically qualify for this year’s tournament. The U.S. Amateur winner, runner up, and U.S. Mid- Amateur champion get invitations along with the British Amateur champ. You’re right about past Masters champions getting invitations, but they get annual invitations. Other tour champions from other PGA Tours world wide get invitations plus the top 50 in the world rankings automatically qualify.

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