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Steven asks…

After the black dot appears in a pokemon’s stats, do the effects of pokerus dissapear? (2x ev rate)?

I have pokemon emerald and a while ago, one of my pokemon got pokerus, so i decided to infect many of my other pokemon. However, the virus didn’t last long and they soon after acquired a black at the bottom left corner of their stats. I want to know, does the pokemon still get the 2x stat increases?

admin answers:

It is to show that the Pokerus is faded and because then people will now that your pokemon got a pokerus. So be proud of your self that you got a Pokerus. I got one to.

Hope this helps

Chris asks…

Pokerus needed in Pokemon black?

I have been playing pokemon black lately and I have been greatly annoyed. If anybody can trade it to me I would love it.
My FC is 1764 2005 2824
Meet me in the union room.
The first friend code is invalid son I still need it.

admin answers:

FC: 3058 1635 2936

David asks…


All I know is I went to Pokemon center for healing my pokemon and after healing them, the nurse said one of my pokemon got infected with Pokerus. What am I supposed to do?? Is that infection good or bad? Give me some tips to prevent it or if it is useful, some tips to use it beneficially……

admin answers:

You are extremely lucky to have been infected by the Pokerus! It’s extremely rare so kudos to you. It boosts the experience and stats your pokemon earn after a battle. It’s definitely a good thing.

Click the source provided to learn more about it.

Michael asks…

Anyone willing to trade any pokemon (Weak is fine) with pokerus in Pokemon White/Black?

admin answers:

I will if u help me evolve my seadra

Ruth asks…

Pokemon with Pokerus?

Looking for a pokemon with Pokerus in pokemon black. I am willing to trade a reshiram, charmander, totodile, or a turtwig does anyone have a pokemon with pokerus and willing to trade it to me?

admin answers:

I’ll Trade!! Do you mind if it is a LV 20 Timburr? My friend code is 1635 3714 6809, and i warn you, pokemon with pokerus lose it after a while, but if you keep it in the box, it doesn’t comes off. I’d like the reshiram, please.

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