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Linda asks…

How do u ev train in pokemon diamond?

Okay I was training my samalence and he is level 53 and I was ev training on his attack with a guy who has 3 seakings and they have like 2 ev’s and I had pokerus, macho brace, and I did not use any items on him or go to the pokemon center. I killed like 13 seakings and I got +3 on attack. Can somebody help me with this problem because somehow I can’t ev traing correctly for some reason. Please HELP.

admin answers:

Get some power items. They cost 16 points each at the battle tower.
Try to get pkrs aka pokemon virus. It doubles ev gained. Each pokemon can only receive ie 512 ev. 256 in 2, or spread them anyway u want to. To train attack u want to go to the lake near sunyshore. With ur good rod u can find wild garydos, and seaking. Only those pokemon appear there. Each one gives u 2 evs. For more help add more details

Helen asks…

Need help with ev training in pokemon soul silver?

I am goin to ev train my goldeen in its attack and special defence. My goldeen will be holding macho brace and has pokerus. I am going to go cerulean to fight goldeens and seakings which raise your attack. Im not planning on using any vitamins. I would like to know how many i would have to kill to max out its attack.

admin answers:

Goldeen yield 1 Attack EV, and Seaking 2 Attack EVs, when defeated. Both the Pokerus and the Macho Brace double the number of EVs you get from a Pokemon, so with both, you will get four Attack EVs from a single Goldeen, and eight from a Seaking.

If you defeat only Goldeen, you will need to defeat 63 to maximize Attack. If you only defeat Seaking, you only need 32.

You also said that you wanted to train in Sp. Defense, right? Tentacool and Drowzee yield 1 Sp. Def. EV each, and their evolved forms, Tentacruel and Hypno, yield two EVs each.

Steven asks…

question about ev training in pokemon soul silver?

i caught a latios at level 35. from my understanding it has 0 effort value in all of it’s stat since i didnt start training it. since there is 510 possible ev given to 2 stats

252 must be given in one and another 252 must be given to another with 6 remaining to another stat

before i start ev training my latios i brought 10 calcium raising it’s sp attack and 10 carbos raising its speed.

applying 10 calcium = 100 ev filled
and applying 10 carbos=100 ev filled

that leaves 152 in both speed and sp atk and 6 in any stat
since 4=1 ev added to stat
that means i have to kill 38 zubat to max out my speed & 38 mareep to max out my sp attack
i know there are easier alternative like macho brace, pokerus and power brace

that leave 6 to any stat. i chose hp so i kill 24 grimer to get +6 stat

i went to blackthorn to the lady that said my latios worked hard and gave me a effort ribbon.

thing is my pokemon didnt grow by 63 in both stat and 6 on another
i read by the time i reach 100 it would be filled up is tht correct?
srry for the long paragraph lol

admin answers:

You were right on until the 38. Sounds like you were using a power item. It’s actually 30 with a power item because with a power item you gain 4 PLUS the EV it gives so 5×20=150. Plus another 2 without the power item attached.

And for grimer each gives 1 EV so you only needed to take out 6.

Which means you EV training got messed up. Give it 2 pomeg berries to reduce HP then battle 2 grimers without any items attached. And put those 18 remaining EV’s in the stat you filled up second.

You will notice a sharp jump at first when leveling up but it will soon return to what looks like normal growth. By the time it reached 100 it will be asa high as it can with what variables it was given.

Laura asks…

I have a question on EV training pokemon?

Ok lets say that a pokemon has the Pokerus and the Macho Brace, and I give that pokemon a vitamin, which is 10 Ev’s. Since both the Pokerus and the Macho Brace double earned EV points, does the vitamin give 40 Ev’s instead of 10?

admin answers:

Vitamins will ALWAYS give 10 EV’s in a Pokemon stat, regardless of the conditions (EV enhancing items and Pokerus).

You can easily test this out by giving a Pokemon the Macho Brace and infecting it with Pokerus. If the Pokemon has no EV’s at all to begin with, it’ll still be able to drink 10 of the same vitamins.

Hope this helps!

Mary asks…

How do you EV train successfully in Pokemon Diamond?

ok..So im encountering pokemon that give EV points towards attack (Machamp [im using AR]) And at first it worked well. Now im only going up 3 atk per level the last two levels…Am i doing something wrong? (Note: My Scizor [what i’m training] Has both Macho Brace, AND Pokerus, so it should get EV points faster than this) Please help, if you can.

admin answers:

You probably should check They have all the cheats, walkthroughs, maps, and hints as well as message boards for EVERY game ever made. Check it out Hope this helps!

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