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Sandra asks…

Why are christians often associated with poor education and intelligence?

Just recently I’ve noticed that alot of people think that christians are stupid or of low intelligence. I don’t understand why. I’m in 9th grade, passing honors and AP classes, and I’m tolerant of other peoples beliefs, but I’m also a christian.

admin answers:

Because they don’t want to believe Christians can be smart and have higher education. They think in order to believe in ANY deity you have to be stupid. Too bad THEY are the ones showing ignorance and intolerance with those comments.

Charles asks…

How to get in Honors classes when your supposed to be?

Ok i will have school visitation tomorrow and im worried if i will not be in any Honors classes so what do i do if im not in Honors classes? BTW, i passed my honors classes last year with A and an A -. And going to 8th grade.

admin answers:

Ask the school counselor or maybe one of your parents can discuss this with school personnel. If seems that there might have been some type of mistake in that you were not on the class roster,

Helen asks…

How to get into Honors classes when your supposed to be?

Ok my School visitation is tomorrow and i’m worried whether or not i will be in Honors next year. So how do i get into Honors classes when i’m supposed to be in them?BTW, Lat year, I passed my honors classes with A’s. And going to 8th grade.

admin answers:

If you’ve been put into the gifted program you should automatically be put into Honors classes. In High School you may have AP classes as well. Usually Honors is only open to children who’ve qualified as Gifted through testing etc. AP can be open to kids who’ve gotten good grades regardless of giftedness. AP classes can sometimes earn college credit, but the standards don’t always match up right to the target college.

If you didn’t fail any classes, honors or otherwise, last year then you should be in Honors this year with no effort. If not go to the office and see who you talk to about that. It might be the Gifted Dept head, one of the Principals or someone else.

I was very worried my 6th grader hadn’t been put into Honors when I didn’t get a letter. It turns out that’s only needed when a child is entering the gifted program for the first time. He’s in all Honors as will be his younger brother next year.

Lizzie asks…

is it possible to transfer from uga to uga honors program?

I have recently gotten accepted to UGA and emory and I chose UGA to go to. The problem is I passed the honors program deadline for UGA and I am just wondering if it will be possible for me to switch to the honors program my sophomore year in college. Also, another reason I am doing this is to try to access how challenging UGA is and if i could possibly handle the honors program while balancing a social life.

admin answers:

From the UGA website:

Honors Entry during the First term

The requirements include:

* 3.75 cumulative University of Georgia GPA
* 15 credit hours for the semester in which they are applying (14 of which must be graded A-F)

Credit hours earned through Advanced Placement, summer classes, or joint/dual enrollment courses will not be counted toward this minimum credit hour requirement.

The fulfillment of the requirements listed above does not constitute automatic admission to the Honors Program. Entry into the Honors Program is competitive. In addition to the fulfillment of the requirements listed above, applications will be evaluated based upon UGA grades, rigor of coursework, and the overall quality of the application, including a required essay.

Students must complete the application by the last day of classes for the semester in order to be eligible for acceptance. Complete applications must be received by the posted deadline. In some cases, students may not know their exact cumulative GPA before the application deadline. However, students must submit their application by deadline in order to be considered. Admissions decisions will not be made until all grades have been posted.

Students who apply for entry during the first term will be notified of the Honors decision over the semester break and given the opportunity to register for Honors classes for the following semester if accepted.

John asks…

Does Having a Psychology Honors Degree Make You a Better Psychologist?

Does it really matter if you pass with honors or pass out with a standard Psychology Degree when you become a practicing psychologist in the real world?

From what I can see the only benefit of doing honors is that you can bypass the Masters level and be admitted directly into the ph.D program? It only saves a couple of years of post-grad study for a whole heap of stress during undergraduate school to get a high GPA.

admin answers:

The answer is that it matters 100% NOT at all. There are a large variety PhD psychology degrees, Clinical being the most well known but Social, Cognitive, I/O & Applied Experimental also being well established and respected disciplines. Despite the diversity of disciplines the qualifying criterion for most programs in the US is fairly uniform

GRE scores


Research Experience

Recommendation letters

Therefore if an honors Psyc major were to apply to George Mason’s Clinical program with a 3.8 gpa, 1100 GRE and no research experience they would not at all be well positioned as a non honors 3.5 gpa pysch major w/ a 1300 GRE and great research experience.

Also by the time you attain a PhD in your chosen psychology discipline and are practicing or applying for a psychologist position in a firm absolutely no emphasis would be placed on any undergraduate experience or grade. Its not even likely that your PhD granting institution would qualify you appreciably over other applicants. What would matter more would be the area of specialization, internship experience, and having passed state or national licensure examinations.

Finally, graduating honors doesn’t even necessarily qualify one for admittance directly into a PhD program. Again it is ones qualifications. Good gpa, research experience, recommendations and gre scores are enough to gain one admittance directly into a PhD program even w/o honors. So if it is your hearts desire go for it, but if you choose not to do honors you wont be hurt at all

~Good Luck

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