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Nancy asks…

Who are some good D3 colleges in Wisconsin for baseball?

I am a senior and i would love to play baseball at a college level. i dont have any colleges looking at me yet even though i was first team all conference and team mvp in a D1 high school.

admin answers:

The best Div III baseball programs in Wisconsin right now are

Made the 2008 Div III Championship series, going 3-2 in the tournament. 2005 Div III National Champions. Finished season #3 in polls with 42-10 record.

Carthage College
13 time conference champion NCAA qualifier 14 times since 1992.

Ripon College
The Red Hawks have established themselves as one of the top programs in the nation, qualifying for the NCAA Division III Playoffs in eight of the past ten seasons

Div III National Champs in 1985, 1994. Runner-up in 1987, 1988, 1993
Finished 25th in final 2008 Div II poll.

Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Finished #3 in 2007 final Div II poll. Expect high ranking in 2009.

The other Division III baseball programs in Wisconsin:

Beloit College
Carroll University
Lawrence University
Northland College
St. Norbert College
Wisconsin-La Crosse

Keep in mind that Division III is non-scholarship competition.

Donald asks…

What are my chances at getting into the following colleges?

-Claremont McKenna
-Boston College
-Boston University
-New York University
I have a 3.71 weighted gpa and a 3.01 unweighted. I scored a 2250 on my SAT reasoning test and have taken mostly AP courses my high school career. That being said, due to the rigor, I received a few C’s and two D’s over the years.
As for extracurriculars, I have been part of the student government at my school (ASB) for two years. I have played baseball all four years of high school and won the mvp award last season. I also swam on the school team for two years. I am a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
I volunteer at a mentally handicapped home for children called Watered Gardens; I’ve been going there for 3 years and have about 300 hours. I also interned with at Imperial Animal Hospital over the summer for 150 hours. I helped Jay Chen to campaign for a California Congress spot this past election month by hosting meet-and-greets and raising awareness. I’ve also won third place in a California Art Contest hosted by Aquarium of the Pacific. I practice Lincoln Douglas debate and have placed in many tournaments I’ve gone to. I also volunteer at Midnight Missions, a homeless shelter that hires the homeless population they help to get them back on their feet. I also am an active leader at my church. I head the „Welcoming Crew“ and play bass on the praise team. I’ve also gone on multiple international mission trips.

admin answers:

Honestly, and unfortunately, i’m not sure about NY university. The cut line is 2300~2350 for SAT. My friend was rejected for 2300 with similar record of yours. It might be hard to go for Boston Uni if there’s any grade D’s..

Susan asks…

Who has been the best player in Euro 2008?

Which player did the best or has been the MVP?

admin answers:

This is a tough question.

If Russia had not bombed out of the semis, I would really like to say someone like Roman Pavlyuchenko.

David Villa has shown he is capable of being the best player, but remember 3 of us 4 goals came in 1 game, that means 1 goal in 4 other appearances.

Nihat and Semih both performed well in the tournament…Nihat helped the Turks persevere through all the injuries they had until he went down with injury

Sniejder would have been if Netherlands had made the semis. He played so well during the tournament.

I feel Villa will end up getting it for his 4 goals

Joseph asks…

I really want to try out for a sport movie volleyball or softball its been my dream how can i get discovered?

I play shortstop in softball and im a setter and a back row hitter in volleyball. I got first team in softball and mvp in volleyball my junior high year. i live in a small town many people dnt get seen there.

admin answers:

Check around your small town first to see if there are any Club teams and if not, go to a bigger nearby city and perhaps it will have one you can join. If you play Club, you’ll get to travel around your state and play on the off-season of your school (if you’re in school) and Scouts from college will probably be there watching since Club is higher up than season high school vball. If you can’t find a club, maybe you could write to some colleges or go to big time tournaments and stick around to talk to some high-up people and maybe they can hook ya up.

Jenny asks…

So time to choose the MVP of the tournament?

I think the candidates are as follow

1.Alan pulido
2.Marco Fabian
3.Miguel Ponce

IMO ponce is the MVP. Played AMAZING the whole tournament and gave us the championship goal.

admin answers:

IMO It Is Ponce. I Have Been Promoting Ponce Ever Since He Began To Start With Chivas. I Always Saw Some Salcido In Him And Believe He Can Replace Salcido As LB In El Tri. I Know Their Is Nilo But Ponce Is On Another Level.

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