Your Questions About Betsey Johnson

William asks…

Is there a Betsey Johnson OUTLET store in New York?

Not like the regular Betsey Johnson stores, but an outlet.
Where they sell her items for marked down prices?

If so, what outlet mall and location?

admin answers:

There’s a Betsey Johnson outlet at the Woodbury Commons Outlet Center. It’s right off the NY Thruway. If you’re located in New York City and rely on public transportation you can take NJ Transit to Harrison NY and take the free Woodbury Commons shuttle to the stops.

Hope this helps!

Nancy asks…

Where can i get a betsey johnson backpack?

I saw someone with a betsey johnson pink leopard backpack and i cant find it online.

here is a link to the backpack im looking for but in pink leopard. i just really want a picture of it, not really interested in buying it.

admin answers:

@ the betsey Johnson store, Macys, Torrid, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus

Mark asks…

If prom is a formal event with mainly floor-length gowns, why do people like Betsey Johnson for prom?

It’s not just the fact that they like Betsey Johnson (because I do too!) but why do they consider Betsey Johnson’s dresses prom dresses, if they’re not floor-length?

admin answers:

Not all proms are the same. A lot of proms are very modern now a days and girls wear cocktail length dresses.

Robert asks…

Are the clothes sold at Betsey Johnson actually what Betsey Johnson wore?

and also, is Betsey Johnson for adults or teens? or in between?

admin answers:

No, betsey johnson HERSELF, did not wear the clothes in her store,
She just desined them..

Her clotheing is mostly directed at young adults,
but really the bright colors, and busy patterns more so appeal to teens, aswell young adults.
I’d say 13 to 30 year olds?

Betsey is truely a kid at heart, and rather you ARE a kid, or just a kid at heart, i think thats mainly who its directed to.

Donna asks…

Where can I find Betsey Johnson clothing that is no longer available? ?

I’ve been searching for a particular Betsey Johnson jacket that I saw one of the characters on General Hospital wearing for months now and have had no luck! Is there any chance of me finding it?

admin answers:

Did you try ebay or a vintage store?

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