Your Questions About Pokerus Ruby

James asks…

looking for us ALAMOS event darkrai?

i am offering any of these for it
10jahre latias
duellbe ho-oh
bataryouma ho-oh
pcnyb exploud
pcnyb wailord
shiny rocks mentang
all uk 10anniv events
byrant park unbreon
btrant park alakazam
byrant park latios
new 10anniv
tanabata jirachi 07077
tanabata jirachi 50707
sports hitmolee
sport hitmonchan
tanabata jirachi(id#40707 st cured of pokerus)
gts psy duck if u want one u will get 3 because i cant tell them apart so if u want kens u get that plus 2 extras at no extra cosst)
festa mentang
sunday wobbefet
sapphire ziggzaggon
pokemon box
mizunotami manaphy
negai boshin jirachi
festa electabuzz
german PBR
MATTLE ho-oh
ageto cellibi
festa magmar
ANA pika with fly(i deleted fly to transfer it and retaught it fly with an AR if that is acebtable plese tell me)
GW pika same as above
mt bata ho-oh
koroshiamu(colosseum) pikachu
space c deoxys *
mystery mew*
myster mew
wish maker jirachi
channel jirachi
rocks mentang
tru manaphy
movie darkrai
ruby zig zagoon*
10anniv latios(uk)ut
10anniv lugia(uk)ut
10anniv ho-oh(uk)ut
concert chatot
movie deoxys
all palcity
all 10 aniv
ranch phione
ranch mew
ranch pachirisu
ranch areodactyal
ranch miltank
e4all manaphy
aura mew(uk)
pbr surfing pikachu
pbr electrive
pbr magmorter
ranger 2 riolu
ranger 2 darkrai
tcgwc pikachu
germen distant land articuno
japanese distint land jolteon
japan distint land XD chikorita with frenzy plant
NWS manaphy
jbhf manaphy
strongest dragonite
strongest salemence
strongest milotic

admin answers:

I will give you my alamo darkrai for the ranger 2 rioulu or ranger 2 darkrai. I prefer both and I will give you 1 adamant nature alamo darkrai and 1 docile nature alamo darkrai

Chris asks…

Pokemon Soul Silver Team ratings for Competitive Battles?

(Warning – Experienced Pokemon players will answer this one)
Greetings everyone! I had MIRACULOUSLY came in contact with a Pokemon who had the Pokerus (A virus that doubles the amount of EV’s recieved in battle for stats upon leveling up.) I’ve just got done smaking the elite four and doing some EV training. I am slowly getting tired of fighting against computers and players who don’t know the game mechanics… So, I intend on fighting against the best of the best by competing against the more intermediate players! I am gonna need your help, however… FEAST YOUR EYES ON THESE!!

– Drapion/ LV: 58/ Nature: Adamant/ Ability: Sniper/ Item: Scope Lens
Toxic Spikes, Pursuit, Earthquake , Cross Poison
– Sharpedo/ LV: 53/ Nature: Mild/ Ability: Rough Skin/ Item: Razor Claw
Assurance, Payback, Ice Beam, Waterfall
– Salamence/ LV: 59/ Nature: Lonely/ Ability: Intimidate/ Item: Metronome
Earthquake, Stone Edge, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance
– Scizor/ LV: 55/ Nature: Adamant/ Ability: Technician/ Item: Life Orb
Baton Pass, Bullet Punch, Swords Dance, Roost
– Typhlosion/ LV: 57/ Nature: Naughty/ Ability: Blaze/ Item: Expert Belt
Thunder Punch, Earthquake, Roar, Eruption
– Jolteon/ LV: 57/Nature: Mild/ Ability: Volt Absorb/ Item: None
Charge Beam, Baton Pass, Substitiute, Heal Bell

– I’ve only recently (albiet two years ago) realized the concept of EV rates, IV rates. I’ve covered the concept of natures long ago when Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald came out. I’ve also realized that a lot of experienced players are EXTREMELY creative and they know the game mechanics like the back of their hand.
– I am NOT counting on any inexperienced pokemon players for this question because they are most likely to say something like this:
„omg yer pokemon r weak… ur scizor needs moves like metal claw bug bite fury cutter and steel wing… u also need mewtwo, lugia, mew, giratina all at level 100.“
Sorry but if I were to make such changes I would lose TRAGICALLY in a competitive match.
– And no, I REFUSE to catch ANY legendary pokemon for three reasons: 1) Because, I hardly ever see any other experienced pokemon trainers with them 2) A lot of scrubby, inexperienced and/or younger players tend to use them on a daily basis, most likely because they don’t really know the game mechanics at all or because they take their „legends“ too literally and 3) Trainers with more than one legendary pokemon are often looked down upon. So no, I’ll agree with any other pokemon except legendary pokemon.
– I guess my question is… Is this a good pokemon team for competitive battles? Which pokemon should I catch next based off of the previous strategy I decribed above? Which pokemon should be replaced? Are there any wrong movesets? I could just go to to explore but I want to hear from other people’s perceptive.

admin answers:

Okay, first note – Salamence is banned, so beware, players might not want to match you because of that.

I have no complaints on Drapion at all.

As for Sharpedo, Sharpedo isn’t exactly fast, and he is VERY frail, you’re better off Scarfing it, like I did with mine, and because of how frail it is (slow + frail = bad news), it’s really going to die in one hit (unless you’re very lucky.), so Payback isn’t needed. Replace Payback with Crunch. And because it’s Scarfed, this will make Assurance pointless (sadly, as it’s a good idea paired with Toxic Spikes.) Replace that with Earthquake.

Mence – Metronome..interesting. That’s an item I’ve never seen in a competitive battle. Your Mence is pretty standard, so no complaints. You could sacrifice attack with defence and give him Yache Berry to counter his 4x ice weakness, but other than that, he’s fine. If it wasn’t for item clause, he’d be better off with Life Orb.

Scizor: Baton Pass I’m unsure of. Scizor doesn’t exactly make the world’s greatest Baton Passer (Ninjask/Mew took that job), and a Pokemon with a 4x weakness to fire (which is very common in a team) isn’t upto the job. You’re better off replacing Baton Pass with X-Scissor.

Typhlosion: I see Roar is there because of Toxic Spikes. However, I think you’re better off replacing Roar with Sunny Day to seriously overpower that Eruption you have, and to weaken water moves against your Typhlosion.

Jolteon: I think you should breed for another Jolteon (though, I think you have to do quite a it of chainbreeding to get it) and give it Wish, instead of Heal Bell. It’d go great with your Sub/BPassing. As for the item, I guess Leftovers will help you out, because of the subbing.

Because of Salamence being banned, you MIGHT want to replace him with the next best thing: Dragonite. He learns ALL the same moves your Salamence can, the difference is Dragonite is just a quite a bit slower (80 base speed), but he’s as strong as Mence.

Good luck with your team. Hope I helped you out.

Edit: Oh, as for your rating, I’d give you a 7. Your team had a decent idea going for it.

Ken asks…

Unbeatable Pokemon team?

Ok, I need help. I want a big uber team.
I have so far:
Manaphy (Legit, Blank slate)
Deoxys (Legit, catch moveset)
Arceus (hacked event item, catch moveset)
Mew (Legit FireRed Transfer, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Judgement, Aura sphere) (Maxed PP)
Infernape (Starter, Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Focus Punch, Bulk Up)
Giratina (Storyline catch, catch moveset)

Mew and Infernape are Lv. 100. Mew’s attack were hacked by a friend. Ihave access to ANY D/P tm or hm, and I am patient enough to raise for level-up movesets. I have three contained pokerus victims.
.Note: I can use my sources to get any pokemon/item I need. If it exists, I can get it.
My additional games: Ruby, Firered, but my friends have all the others.
Constructive criticism only please.

admin answers:

Usually I refuse to rate teams with ubers or legendaries in them, but seeing as that is your goal..

I can’t really judge your team if you do not posts your movesets; I don’t want to have to go researching each member of your team. So, as for the individeal Pokemon you have, I think you could do better than Manaphy and Infernape. Manaphy, for a legendary, isn’t all too powerful stat-wise, and Infernape is hardly an uber. I’d replace the Infernape with a Wobbuffet; it can repel any move, and knows the attack Destiny Bond which drags a Pokemon down with it if it faints.
For Manaphy, replace him with Mewtwo if you have access to him. If you don’t, I’d be more than happy to trade mine to you for a Magikarp. (FC: 0043 9445 8900) Now, I might be biased because Mewtwo and Raikou are my two fave legends, but I find Mewtwo to be an excellent Pokemon when it comes to training and battling legends competitively.

Now, I’m feeling lazy today so I won’t go through my whole, suggest movelist and this and that and the other thing that I usually do when rating, but I will tell you my usual format for movelists.

– Stat Enhancing/ Reducing move
– Stat Enhancing/ Reducing move
– Physical Move
– Special Move

As those are legendaries, except for the Wobbufet/Infernape, you should have no excuse for giving them moves that have a base attack power under 80. Teach them all a move that reduces or enhances a stat, like agility or sword dance. They may seem frivolous, but use sword dance four times and use a physical attack; look at the difference in power..! I reccomend giving them one physical and one special move, as it makes for variety. Make sure you do /not/ have a same type move on your movelist. (i.e, a Pokemon with Earthquake and Dig.) Ability comes into affect as well; be sure to pick your movelists while remembering the affects your ability may have on your attacks. For example, this is how my Scizor looks.

Ability: Technician – Powers up moves with a base stat of 60 or lower by x1.5. (Which would raise a 60 move to about 90 attack power.)

– Silver Wind/ Bug Type/ Base Attack of 60/ Accuracy of 100
– Swords Dance/ Sharply Raises Attack
– Double Team/ Raises Evasiveness
– Aerial Ace/ Flying Type/ Base Attack of 60/ Always Hits

Because of the ability, I raised his attacks up to 90, rather than 60. Imagine if I used Double Team four times, then Swords Dance four times, then attacked with Aerial Ace, which never misses? (Except for when a Pokemon is digging or flying.)

So keep all of this in mind, and take my suggestions on switching out your Manaphy and Infernape.

Hope this helped, and good luck! =D

Thomas asks…

Is there anyway to make your Pokémons level up faster in Pokemon Diamond except to get the „Pokérus“.

Like holding the item Machobrace (in Ruby/Sapphire) but in Pokemon Diamond instead.

admin answers:

The Lucky Egg, which is sometimes found as a hold item on wild chansey.

Robert asks…

Lvl 100 Rayquarza for any pokemon, with Pokerus!?

I will trade a lvl 100 raayquaza for a pokemon with pokerus every if it’s lvl 1! i have two (ruby+emerald) and i’m despert for pokerus. First one to trade gets five star best answer And a near free lvl 100.
Name: Luke
Fc:1804 9637 0721
when i said „every i it lvl 1“ i meant even
sorry people had alot of tecinal poblems (mainly power cut) email when ur ready

admin answers:

I have a lvl 60 Butterfree with pokerus.
My friend code is 1761 9193 7787
Come on let’s trade
I’m still waiting

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