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Daniel asks…

How do you work out odds for each-way and win, double’s and triple’s in horse racing?

admin answers:

To calculate the unit returns for a win double add 1 to each price and multiply out e.g 9-4 and 15-8 becomes 3.25 x 2.875. For a treble, if third horse is 6-4 multiply the above by 2.5. The above returns are for one unit stake i.e. £1 so if you have £2 on multiply by 2.
Same principle applies to a place double or treble. Divide win odds by appropriate fraction 1/4 or 1/5 then add one and multiply out. Above example 2.25/4 plus one x 1.875/4 plus 1.
If you know how to operate a calculator, you cannot go wrong – do a simple example to prove it.

Lisa asks…

what are the odds of dying from the swine flu ?

i have ashma and a cronic airway desese would i die if i got the swine flu? one of my family members thinks i should book time off work to make sure i don’t get it. what are the odds of me dyeing from it and no 100% Answers
im from canada

admin answers:

I was curious about that very question just now, and so put my calculator to work. Amongst the 25,000,000 good citizens of Mexico City there have been 152 confirmed deaths from swine flu influenza over a 30-day period. That means that there was a 0.00002% possibility that one of those deaths could have been me. Gosh, but how does that compare to my regular odds? Well, lets see. If average life spans are 75 years these days – and lets not complicate matters with age-based actuarial tables – then simply put on a straight-line basis I have no worse than a 0.00365% possibility of checking out of this world on any given day. So, were today to be my day of reckoning, I have at most a 0.55% probability that my fate came from Mexico-born swine flu virus as opposed to some other hapless-yet-fateful ending.

Compare that probability to, for example, a 2 order of magnitude greater probability of dying TODAY from cancer, heart disease, or obesity. Or, a 1.5 order of magnitude greater probability of dying TODAY in a traffic accident, or other comparable bodily injury.

Carol asks…

I am very confused on this Algebra problem. Could you give a little help?

I am wondering whether or not (2)-9 would be 2 times negative 9 or 2 minus 9. And when do you make this distinguishment and why?

See my calculator does this subtraction when I enter (2) minus sign 9 .
When I enter (2) negative sign 9 it does the multiplication. I am confused.

Is the subtraction and multiplication sign different or what?
HOw do you know which one to do?

admin answers:

It’s a bit odd notation. Usually, for subtraction it would be written like this : 2 – 9, and for multiplication: 2(-9). I really don’t see any point in putting the 2 in brackets… Subtraction and multiplication sign are different, sub is – and multiplication is * :D. But, the thing is that mathematicians write 2(x + 1) and it means 2*(x + 1) — sigh „times“ is now written in front of a bracket…
If you would like to do, say 2*(-9) o the calc, press 2, *, 9, negative sign… I really don’t get how does your calc do multiplication when you didn’t press * 0.x?

Charles asks…

Suppose you are making yourself a sandwich. How many different sandwiches can you make if you have 4 choices i?

This my Algebra 2 assignment of Odds vs Probability. Any help???

admin answers:

If there is written how many different ways,it means this question is a permuation.So you press on your calculator 4!-factorial=24 or 4P4=24.4!=4*3*2*1=24

Lizzie asks…

Is there such thing as a chemical equation product predictor?

I know there are equation balancers, but I need a calculator for predicting the products of a reaction (e.g. Na2S + AgNO3 -> ???)

admin answers:

Boy, that would be nice! The short answer is no. You have to learn about categories of reactions, what classes of compounds make precipitates and lots of odd little facts.

Sorry ‚bout that.

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