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Charles asks…

Is there any meet & greet passes left for one direction?

I am a big fan of one direction & is hoping if there is any passes left to meet one direction in Tinley Park Illinois on July 14 or 13 2013. The price is not most important right now only knowing if there is still other websites, places etc. were i can still get the meet & greet passes.
Well the price has to be reasonable like under $2,000. Please help me out i will really appriciate it (:

admin answers:

The only place you might find one is on Ebay, or the classified section of your news paper.

Chris asks…

Why is the right lane the slow lane since one can, in most places, pass on the right?

The PA turnpike had this bullshit rule of keeping right pass left only. Still has it in places. Moreover; if the left lane grinds to a crawl for some reason, and you are in the right lane, then most likely youll pass those in the right lane. So doesnt the rule make little sense?

admin answers:

As far as I know, ride right and pass left is the rule everywhere in the U.S.
Theoretically, it would keep traffic moving more smoothely if people would just stay in their lane and let the traffic flow. As for stop and go traffic, if you just stay in your lane, you’ll get where you’re going.

David asks…

Why dont billboard company’s put billboards on freeway over passes as opposed to along side the road?

I see billboards all the time along side the road, but yet freeway over passes are left blank other than when they put the mileage to city’s… Is there a reason?

admin answers:

It’s against the law for what should be an obvious reason: You don’t want to distract drivers with unnecessary signs clumped together with traffic signs.

Ken asks…

How can I find out if I have money left to me in a will?

When my grandmother passed, she left a multimilliondollar company to my uncle. My father no longer speaks to my uncle and insists he is not receiving what he is due and neither am I. My uncle is now on his death bed and I need to know if I am owed money before he passes too and things get more complicated. However, I’m in a bad financial situation and unable to hire a lawyer. Is there any way I can find out these things?

admin answers:

Go to the courthouse where the will was probated. See the clerk of the probate court. Ask to see the will.

Carol asks…

If a remarried parent passes, and leaves all his assets to his children, how is this really divided?

My remarried father has passed, and left all his assets to his children. How will things be divided since his wife is still alive. Also, the sibling appointed executor has also passed, who does the executor fall to, the wife or second born? Should one allow another sibling to claim executor, is there an advavtage to being such?

admin answers:

MadMan is right. I’d get together with the siblings and try and work together, not against each other, as is sometimes the case. If you all agree, hire one single lawyer to represent all of you. Is the second wife going to contest the will or claim anything as hers that should be yours? Do they have any shared assets like stocks, bonds, property, cars, boats, etc.

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