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Sandra asks…

What does it take for a flu outbreak to be considered a pandemic?

Three children haved DIED in the past week in Seattle of the flu, the media doesn’t seem to be making a big deal out of it.

admin answers:

It is a big deal. It’s been reported that these children didn’t have pre-existing health conditions, and it’s unusual for healthy children to die from flu.

There was also a pediatric death in Nebraska about a week ago and four other kids there who are currently sick with flu.

There were nine kids in Birmingham who had severe cases of flu about a month ago. I don’t know if any died because the papers were strangely silent.

The CDC reports that there have been 13 pediatric deaths from flu this season.

The number they talk about for annual deaths from flu is 36,000. That is mostly elderly, very young, and people who have underlying health conditions.

An epidemic is an illness that is widespread over one community or region.

A pandemic is an illness that is widespread over a wider area – usually we think of continents or much of the world.

The pandemic that has been in the news for the last year or two isn’t our usual seasonal flu but a new flu virus which is now very widespread in birds and has effected approximately 264 people.

Scientists are saying that it is likely it will mutate so that it can pass easily from one person to another. At that point, we will have a pandemic of what is now called avian flu.

I’ve forgotten, did Seattle close schools? That can really cut down on the transmission from one child to another – as long as parents keep the children home and do not let them meet up at the malls, etc.

Linda asks…

How is the drive from Boise to Seattle during 12/22/12?

Hello, I am hoping to drive up to Seattle from Boise this weekend ( 12/22/12 and drive back 12/23/12)
But I am concerned about the drive. I am wondering if there is a website where I can see a full weather report for how it will be through the drive. I also wonder if any one has done the drive during the winter or if they are this year. I am concerned because I have to be back to work christmas eve at 9:30.
Thank you

admin answers:

Driving from Boise to Seattle can be anywhere from a perfect scenic drive to a snowy icy nightmare. It all depends on the weather and road conditions. The areas you’d need to be most concerned with on this trip would be from LaGrande, OR to Pendleton, OR on I-84 and Snoqualmie Pass on I-90 in WA as you’re looking at a few steep climbs and descents that are subject to snow and ice, especially in the evening. I just checked the road reports (12/21 at 8pm PST) and it’s not looking too bad at the moment. My advice to you would be check the weather in advance AND before you leave on the day of your trip. Visit (Oregon DOT’s road condition website), (Washington’s road condition website) and (The Weather Channel online). By the way, if you make the trip be sure to stop at the top of Cabbage Hill on I-84 westbound just before Pendleton… You’ll get some pretty amazing views from the rest area/scenic view point.

Nancy asks…

Winter road trip from Seattle to Colorado weather conditions?

For anyone who has made this winter time drive (or something similar), are the weather conditions severe? Are the raods at least fit for driving? I would hate to spend 5 days getting back in winter conditions when it took 2 for me to make the drive during the summer. I’ll be driving to CO for Christmas.

admin answers:

I made it last January, most of the drive is on the plains or in areas that don’t get much snow. It shouldn’t be that hard unless there’s a freak storm. Just avoid I-70, as it goes right through the Rockies and closes at Vail pass all the time

Donald asks…

do I need snow chains when driving on I5 from Scaramento to Seattle around the 10 April 2011?

I am driving ina minivan on the 9 April from Sacramento to Seattle – do I need snow chains for any strecthes of the drive?

admin answers:

The 2 highest elevations along the route are Siskiyou Summit Pass and Tejon Pass neither of which experience ice or snowy conditions at such times of year – unless there was a very freaky storm. I think you’re very safe proceeding chain-less.

Susan asks…

is their a ferrie that goes from Seattle to California?

I need to get me and my car from seattle to California in January or Febuary of next year is their an easier way than driving in the winter?

admin answers:

You can also hire a company to deliver your car for you to California while you fly – the car will take a few days and the cost will be much more than just making the drive.

The major concern in January/February will be conditions in southern Oregon/Northern California. Siskiyou pass gets snow and winter driving conditions. Make sure you listen to the weather reports, be prepared for winter driving and pull off and wait for better weather if the snow/ice is really bad.

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