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Susan asks…

Have you ever seen a major parade in a big city?

Like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York?
Or the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade, etc.?

I saw the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade. It was sooo cool to see a gynormous Kermit the Frog balloon coasting down State Street!

Have you seen one? What did you think?

admin answers:

The BEST part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is the night Before !

Middle of the pitch black night… Walking through mid-town, only street lights illuminating the buildings, when Suddenly… Half-way down this grimy city street is a HUGH CARTOON BALLOON floating 15-feet off the pavement, tied off to parked cars and lamp posts and basement rails with volunteers partying as security. The next block ANOTHER HUGE BALLOON… And the NEXT BLOCK… And the NEXT !


Donald asks…

What are the answers to the most recent Jeopardy Teen Tournament test?

Did anyone just take the test for the Jeopardy Teen Tournament? I just want to know the answers.

admin answers:

1.Romeo comes from this Verona family
Answer: Montagues
2.A paraplegic Marine heads to the moon Pandora in this 2009 film
Answer: Avatar
3.Named for an 18th c. Scientist, it’ll be back near our solar system when you’re in your 60s
Answer: Haley’s Commet
4.This observance takes place every April 22; the first one was in 1970
Answer: Earth Day
5.The name of this state capital contains 3 words, one a body of water
Answer: Salt Lake City
6.This nation is the main setting for the „Hunger Games“ trilogy
Answer: Panem ?
7.The 3-letter word for this animal can also mean to intimidate someone
Answer: ??
8.He wrote the „Hallelujah Chorus“ for his work „Messiah“
Answer: George Frideric Handel
9.Though revised, French civil law is still largely based on the code he enacted in 1804
Answer: Napoleon
10.Kristen Bell narrates this series that’s set in New York City
Answer: Gossip Girl
11.A soldier’s „about face“ involves a turn of this many degrees
Answer: 180
12.The highest peaks in Peru are part of this range
Answer: Andes ?
13.A gold coin once used in Great Britain, or the chief of state in a monarchy
Answer: Sovereign
14.His whale of a successful writing career began with an 1846 novel about Polynesian life
Answer: Herman Melville
15.In 2009 there was a Van Halen version of this Activision game
Answer: Guitar Hero?
16.It’s the museum where you’ll find „Liberty Leading the People“ by Eugene Delacroix
Answer: Louvre ?
17.Autumn leaves turn color as shorter days & cooler nights cause the breakdown of this chemical
Answer: Chorophyll ?
18.The first of these was authorized in 1790, „for the enumeration of the inhabitants of the United States“
Answer: Census
19.This war ended in 1975
Answer: Vietnam
20.Appropriately this last name of Lucius & others includes the French word for „evil“
Answer: Malfoy
21.A mosaic needs this cement-like mortar between the pieces, just like in a tiled bathroom
Answer: Grout
22.The „Moho“ is the boundary between the earth’s crust & this layer
Answer: Mantle
23.This city of 350,000 people is about 10 miles south of the confluence of the Mississippi & Missouri rivers
Answer: St. Louis
24.In Genesis Esau is this patriarch’s hairier brother
Answer: Jacob
25.She spent almost every day of her life, 1830-1886, in Amherst, Massachusetts
Answer: Emily Dickinson
26.Born Katheryn Hudson, this singer changed her name to avoid confusion with actress Kate Hudson
Answer: Katy Perry
27.This candy bar is „packed with roasted peanuts, nougat, caramel and milk chocolate“
Answer: Snickers ?
28.Meaning „double point“, the German Doppelpunkt refers to this mark of punctuation
Answer: Colon
29.Simon, Jack, Piggy
Answer: Lord of the Fliest
30.In 1981 he settled in for a while as leader of Egypt
Answer: Hosni Mubarak
31.This big rodent represents industry & activity on Toronto’s coat of arms
Answer: ???
32.Cyprus is in this sea
Answer: Mediterranean
33.Dictionaries commonly describe „the“ as „the definite“ this
Answer: Article
34.This Broadway musical features the Green Day songs „Holiday“ & „Boulevard of Broken Dreams“
Answer: American Idiot (musical)
35.A girl who had her appendix out in a French hospital run by nuns was the inspiration for this title character
Answer: Madeline
36.This sharpshooter starred in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show for over 16 years
Answer: Annie Oakley
37.Dolly, this type of animal, was the first mammal created by cloning
Answer: Sheep
38.This, the oldest postseason college bowl game, was first played in Pasadena Jan. 1, 1902
Answer: Rose Bowl
39.This man laid the cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol in 1793
Answer: George Washington
40.This 7-letter verb means to forward something on Twitter
Answer: Retweet ??
41.This Charles Dickens work takes place partly during the French Revolution
Answer: A Tale of Two Cities
42.This fabric pattern of numerous round spots was first used in the 19th c. & is named for a Bohemian dance
Answer: Polka Dots
43.In area it’s the smallest New England state
Answer: Rhode Island
44.This organization that safeguards animals was founded in 1866
Answer: ASPCA
45.Atomic number 17, it’s a poisonous gas that’s used (carefully) to purify water
Answer: Chlorine
46.He’s 15 years younger than wife Demi Moore
Answer: Ashton Kutcher
47.St. Vladimir’s is the title educational institution in this Richelle Mead series
Answer: Vampire Academy ?
48.This people built the mighty city of Tenochtitlan where Mexico City now stands
Answer: Aztects
49.This philosopher & author of many dialogues left Athens after the death of his friend Socrates
Answer: Plato
50.“Cretaceous“ & „lactescent“ are fancy ways of describing this color
Answer: White?? Chalk????

William asks…

Who was the NCAAB player who missed 2 of 3 free throws in the NCAA tournament?

Somewhere between 2006-2008 in the NCAAB tournament a star player had a chance at the free throw line late in the game. I believe it was for three shots and he missed two of the three. After the game his father made him watch the free throws multiple times. Does anyone know who that player was?

admin answers:

Derrick Rose in 2008?

Mandy asks…

Why does everyone think Derrick Rose is going to be a great PG?

Rose averaged only 4.7 assists per game in college, which is around the same as players like Gordon, Hinrich, and Iverson. The real great point guards in the NBA like Paul, Williams, Kidd, and even Baron Davis, averaged way more assists in college. So how is he going to be the next Chris Paul and average 10 assists in the NBA? And he’s also not that good of a shooter. Isn’t he just going to be a slightly bigger and more athletic form of Chris Duhon?

admin answers:

I’ve kind of wondered this too. He played OK most of the year against OK competition and then turned it up for a few games in the tournament, and now he’s supposed to be the next Jason Kidd. He disappeared for long stretches this year, and he didn’t dominate Conference USA like Beasley dominated the much-stronger Big 12. His assists numbers aren’t that great like you said. Rose is closer to Marbury than Kidd in my mind. Here are there freshman stats:

Rose: 14.9 pts, 4.7 asts, 4.5 rebs,
Kidd: 13.0 pts, 7.7 asts, 4.9 rebs
Marbury: 18.9 pts, 4.5 asts, 3.1 rebs

Rose put up these numbers in Conference USA, while Kidd and Marbury played in Pac-10 and ACC respectively.

James asks…

What chapter does Kurama have his hair tied up in a pony tail by his rose whip?

I want tofind the whole picture soI can try drawing it 🙂
I know the chapter took scene in the Dark Tournament Saga.

admin answers:


Found it~

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