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Thomas asks…

I have a gateway GT5228 it powers up but no video?

I can cut it off and un-hook the power supply then hook it back up and it will start sometimes power up and everything works but the fans sound slow. Then when I cut it off the next time I turn it on it will not come back up, but it sounds like the fans are running right & no video again. Whats up with that?

admin answers:

Ironically, I’m having the same issue with the same exact computer. What I did so far is replaced the power supply. If you look inside it might be equipped with a Bestec 300 watt and those are known for their problems… They like to take hard drives and motherboards with them too when they go. Unfortunitely after replacing the PSU with a brand new Antec 350W, I’m still having the same issue. I tried unplugging everything but the mouse, keyboard and monitor and it started….ONCE. Shut it down and tried it again, and nothing ever since. It starts but no keyboard lights, no optical mouse light, and no video and it doesn’t sound like it’s reading the hard drive either. CD opens up but thats it. In different eMachines computers I’ve seen the Bestec PSU’s fail and take out either the hard drive or Motherboard too so I’m thinking it may be one of those or maybe I need a more powerful PSU. When I get this figured out, I’ll tell you what the problem is since it seems to be the same exact one you’re having.

Update…. Gateway has a fix for this. They say to first unplug the power to the tower.
Unplug everything but the video, mouse and keyboard.
Press and hold the tower’s power button for 10-15 seconds.
Plug the power back into the tower.
Press the power button >>> If it begins to start – TURN IT OFF
Re-attach everything else and start it up again.
(guess there’s a problem with electric staying in some circuits in the motherboard that are responsible for a normal startup and this technique „drains“ the unwanted electric out.)

Betty asks…

Would this make a good gaming pc?

Hi, so im going to buy a pc that is custom built. the seller said it can run games and here are some specs:
Intel duo core 2.13 GHz CPU
BFG Nvidia GTX Geforce 260 GPU
MSI P965 Neo Motherboard
Bestec 250W PSU
3Gb Ram (1 2gb stick) (1 1gb stick)
LightScribe DVD Rom
Linksys Wireless-G 2.4 GHz Pci Adapter
Western Digital WD3200AAJS 320GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5″ Internal Hard Drive Freshly cleaned with only windows on it.

admin answers:

Not the best specs, but it really depends on the games you want to play. Having a fast processor and a very good graphics card is what you want to look out for. I would go for something with a quad core and a video card that has at least 2 gigs of memory on it.

Linda asks…

Best graphic card for 250w power supply?

I have a HP PC with the following spec:
Intel core2duo e4700 @2.6ghz processor,
nvidia 7100/nforce630i
250W bestec psu,
i want a 1gb graphic card for my system…….i would prefer nvidia!!!
Pls sugest me a good one on budget!!!

admin answers:

You could try the HD Radeon 6570 that would be very good for your system.

Nancy asks…

I have a cq5210y and they say the computer case is a „mini-tower“ will a 400w+ power supply fit?

My computer comes with a 250w power supply and I would like to get a 400w or larger PSU so i can upgrade the integrated graphics card. Are the dimensions of my computers case going to make it impossible for me to get a higher watt psu?

admin answers:

has a Part Number 5188-2622
250-watt (max) power supply (Zinfandel), Bestec ATX-250-12V)

Since it is ATX, you can replace it with another ATX size power supply with higher wattage. It is a standard size.

Mandy asks…

Why my HD5770 doesn’t work?

Hi everyone. (sorry for bad english 😀 )
I just bought a Powercolor HD5770 1GB DDR5, but when I install it, there’s no signal…
I tried with cleaning CMOS, disabling on-board video in BIOS, but with no luck.
The card is working fine on another computer.

My PC is:
MB: D2151-A1
RAM: A-Data 2GB DDR2 800MHz + 2x512MB DDR2
HDD: 80GB ( I don’t know the model ..)
PSU: Bestec 300W ( I tested the card on the other computer with this PSU and it works fine )

Any ideas ? Thank you.

admin answers:

Sounds like you need a larger power supply..450 is the minimum even without a video card..cheers

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