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Mary asks…

What happens to light rays when they pass through the lens of the eye?

The question is:

Compare what happens to light rays when they pass though a convex lens with what happens to light rays when they pass through the lens of an eye.

This is in regards to the topic ‚Accommodation‘.


admin answers:

Exactly the same thing happens to light rays when they pass through a convex lens as when they pass through the lens of the eye. They bend toward the center.

Accommodation refers to the ability of the eye to change the exact shape of the lens in order to focus the light rays reflected from objects onto the retina. Regardless of how the lens accommodates, however, it’s still a convex lens, and still bends light in the same way.

Richard asks…

What’s the difference between baton pass and just switching out?

in pokemon why does baton pass exist, isn’t switching out the same thing?

admin answers:

Not quite, Baton Pass will send all stat changes to the newly switched out pokemon. A baton pass strategy is simple: Have a pokemon that knows baton pass know only stat increasing moves as well, have him sit there, up his stats to max, and then switch with a pokemon of your choice.
Another baton pass strategy is to say up speed to max baton pass out and take your horrifically slow tank out.
That slow tank got all them speed upgrades from the last pokemon, and now he isn’t so slow is he?
If used properly Baton Pass is a very useful move.

Michael asks…

What are some ways to pass time on a long flight?

So I’m going on a 12 hour flight on Monday and I need some ways to pass time. I already know to read a book or 2, watch a couple of movies, play UNO with my sister, listen to music, and I play SUDOKO or MadLibs. Are there any other secrets to passing time? Thanks I appreciate it 🙂
I heard that I couldn’t bring a laptop overseas because they take it and check everything in it before returning it to you. What a drag but whatever its security.

admin answers:

Sleeping is the best way to pass the time. However I know it is hard for some people to sleep on planes. The airline in-flight entertainment system if they have one has a selection of movies, TV shows, cartoons and music. I just got back from a 12 hour flight and the airline had games you can play such as Tetris. You can even compete against a fellow passenger.

Lisa asks…

How can light pass through solid matter intact ?

How can light pass through solid matter like a glass window intact ?
How do you explain this?
How is this possible?

admin answers:

Light cannot pass though matter BUT, matter is technically atoms, which are mostly space with a few, moving objects – electrons and the nucleus.
There are some rules here about transmission around these particle and through the atom, but the most specific explanation is in today’s – and I mean the last twenty four hours‘ headlines: scientists have developed a material which absorbs 99.9 % of the light which hits its surface.
This material is nothing more than Nanotubes – extremely, very extremely small rods of only a few carbon atoms each, that are arranged shoulder-to-shoulder. These nanotubes – billions of them to make a small patch of fabric, diffract and change the waves of light energy to destroy their patterns (we call it absorbing the light).
For this material, even though it may only be a few atoms thick, only one thousandth of the light that hits its surface is either reflected or passes through.
Sooo, for light to pass throgh solid matter, the inference is that the matter is more than a few atoms. For glass, the loss of light through the material occurs for all glass. Depending on its contents and its manner of manufacture, some glass transmits more than does others. AND, we are talking about light frequencies: there are some ranges of frequency for which glass is very opaque. Visible light’s waves are sympathetic to the crystaline structure of the glass, so they pass through with less signal loss.

Donald asks…

How many are worried or reasonably think the Dream act will pass?

How many are worried that the dream act will pass? Or think that the senate will actually pass it.

I am not asking if you want it to pass or personal opinions if it should pass or not. Just actually worries it will pass and such. Plenty of other places to debate opinions of why it should or why it shouldn’t or your hope it does or doesn’t. Just want peoples feelings on the likelyhood considering the senate that it will pass or be shot down this year.


admin answers:

I totally agree with Paladin and Ginger- you just never know what might happen. I do worry that it might actually pass, even though it could be repealed next month. Ginger is so right in saying that there’s alot of „you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours“ going on in Washington, and I’d say most of those politicians don’t give a damn about the American citizens. All they care about is future voters.

(Btw, Isn’t it a shame you have to give specific instructions that people to stick to the subject, and not give answers that have nothing to do with what you are asking?)

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