Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

Chris asks…

If I Get My Blackberry Phone Unlocked To Any Network, Will Everything On The Phone Still Work?

My blackberry is on ‚Orange‘ but i want to be on O2, if i get the phone unlocked, will everything on the phone still work, internet, downloading etc etc?

admin answers:

Yes, everything should still work.

Sandra asks…

Is it possible to get Sony Ericsson z530i mobile phone unlocked?

Hi, I have just been given this phone, but it’s on 02 and I want to use it with T Mobile. Would I be able to get this phone unlocked somewhere?

admin answers:

Probably, but don’t know where

Linda asks…

Any cellular phone businesses that unlock phones in Canada?

Want my phone unlocked and no carrier will do this? For real though. Is there another business that will do this?

admin answers:

Hi whether you want to unlock your phone from Canadian network providers .Then you can easily unlock your phone using sites like here they render unlock code for all blackberry mobile models at reliable cost ..Else if you want to unlock some other mobile model then have a look at sites like here they render unlock code for all mobile models at reliable cost …..

Michael asks…

I need a cell phone that can be formatted in Korean for my parents?

Hey guys, I want to buy a phone (unlocked or not) that can read korean. Many phone that we purchase in store can be formatted in spanish, french, chinese, german, etc. But I need a phone that can read korean, if you know any phones please let me know what type of phone it is. Thank you!

admin answers:

Samsung phone can read hangeul (most, if not all of it). Typing it would be a different issue. Most Samsung phones that were intended for sales outside Korea didn’t include ‚writing‘ in their programming sets.

You might want to look for Pantech and Curitel phones. These phones stay to their Korean roots and should be able to both read and write in Hangeul. Mind you to look for the older models since the newer ones might suffer the same fate as the Samsung phones. I got one for myself (in Malaysia) and it was fun to play with the hangeul typing.

Don’t bother about Nokia. Except for the fancy (and very fragile) exterior, there’s not much to shout about.

Nancy asks…

Is there anywhere i can get my phone unlocked in bournemouth?

i need a phone unlocking place in bournemouth…not poole :L


admin answers:

Bournemouth Phone Centre
554 Wimborne Road

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