Your Questions About Free Poker Tournaments

Joseph asks…

What is the best free Poker Tournament Manager program?

I’m looking for a program to manage a Poker tournament, no trial version’s.

admin answers:

One of the best ones out there is $24.99. If you are going to run a real tournament, don’t be a tight a55. Just go out and buy it.

The time and effort you waste with some crappy free program is not worth the hassle for $24.99.

Lisa asks…

Is it illegal to use poker chips with denominational values in free to play poker tournaments in tennessee?

admin answers:


Mark asks…

Are there any free online poker tournaments where I can win some big money?

admin answers:

There are 2 very big online poker tournaments running right now. Both have a million dollar prize for the winner.

They are both free to enter.

Maria asks…

Online Poker with free pokerlessons and tournaments?

What’s the best online poker site to learn how to poker and makes it possible for me to get involved in tournaments etc..

admin answers:

If you want to learn how to poker, I can recommend europoker, it has great free lessons and tournaments.

Nancy asks…

Best Poker Site for Free roll Tournaments?

I play every day at UltimateBet (not real money for the most part, so that scandal thing doesn’t concern me..) however apparently they have stopped their free roll tournaments, I usually placed in them and got cash credited to my account from there.
Are there any sites that still do that? (I’m assuming yes)..which one would be the best?

admin answers:

Here you go sir. Have a nice day, Hope you win lots.

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