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Ken asks…

How do you count your effort Values in Pokemon Black?

Im sick and tired of putting a tally mark down every time i defeat a pokemon, or every time i go to the pokemon center…I was curious if anyone out there has some ingenious ideas about how to count EV’s while training your pokemon.

admin answers:

There really isn’t a great idea to make the whole count any easier. The only ways to make it better are with Power items and PokeRus as you don’t have to wait for 252 anymore. It would just essentially speed up the count.

However, I know, even with that, it might seem a bit annoying. What I personally do is go by PP usage. If my Pokemon is strong enough to take down the other Pokemon in one hit (I usually leave them in the Daycare to level up a bit unless they have a full slot of egg moves I want to keep), I have a mental note that 1 PP used = 1 Pokemon defeated. This only works until it screws up and then I just write down what I had so I don’t screw up myself.

George asks…

What is lv 50 EV training in pokemon black and white?

Is it different than training lv 49 and lower pokemon? I heard you need 8 EV for your pokemon to go up on stat point and that it’s used in the battle subway and VGC. Is that rule applied to pokemon lv. 51 and up? Is this some kind of special EV training? I’m so confused! Best answer gets 10 points!

admin answers:

There is no difference. EV training is EV training whether it be at level 1 or level 99.

You get X amount of EVs per Pokemon everytime you get exp from a fight. The number of EVs and type of EVs depended on which Pokemon you are fighting against. See this link for which Pokemon give what:

If you have one of the items that you can win in the battle subway equipped you will get 4 of the specific type regardless of what you fight they are listed here: You can also get 4 extra EVs in a fight if your Pokemon has Pokerus. The only way to get 8 EVs is to combine Pokerus with one of the EV items.

James asks…

What level can you max evs in pokemon black and white?

I have a level 19 zorua and his attack doesn’t go up any more and i’ve fought like 30 lilipups and patrats. My friend told me that the ev isnt maxed and it can only be maxed at a higehr level so when i reach level 50 i can get the evs up again. Also i’ve fought over 255 pokemon so im not sure…

admin answers:

Don’t worry all the EVs will be converted into points for it’s attack stat at around lv 50, so don’t worry if your Zorua doesn’t get +7 in attack stat everytime it levels up, also remember 4 EVs in attack = 1 extra point in the attack stat, this isn’t always correct because when you evolve your pokemon your stats would be a lot higher anyway.

You can max your pokemon’s EVs at any level even 100 just remember those EVs won’t be converted into stats until lv 50. Meaning you won’t notice them until lv 50.

The level when you max the pokemon’s EV in attack can vary just remember you should EV train only 252 points in attack because 255 isn’t dividable by 4 meaning those 3 extra EV points won’t be converted into stats.

Also don’t forget you can give it up to 10 Protein (100 EVs in attack).
Meaning if Zorua was infected with pokerus, held a power bracer, battled a few patrats or lilipups was given 10 Protein it’s EV in attack could be maxed out at lv 5-10 (if you started EV training Zorua at lv1)

Note: It will not accept proteins when it’s attack EVs are 100+

At level 50 your Zoroark (if you evolve Zorua) will have an attack stat of 172 (If it has 31 IVs in attack, has a attack boosting nature: adamant, lonely, brave, naughty, and has 252 EVs in attack)

At the bottom of this link it’ll tell you Zoroark’s possible stats, depending on nature, IVs etc.:

If you want to check what EVs in attack Zorua has visit this website:

If you have wi-fi you can use this website, don’t forget to change your DS system’s primary DNS to here’s the website:

I hope this helps 🙂

Jenny asks…

Can someone trade me a rufflet plz becuz i really want one?

I want a rufflet but I have pokemon black so I get a vullaby so can anyone trade with me plzz

admin answers:

I do! I want to trade you a Vullaby for a Rufflet because I have Pokemon White, and I can only get Rufflets, lol.

My Friend Code :1764 1978 3233

What’s yours?

Thanks 🙂

btw, my rufflet has pokerus, so it’ll help you 😀

Chris asks…

Where do I start if I want to wifi battle on pokemon competitively?

I’ve been interested in it for awhile so I know all about Smogon and IVs and EVs (sorta)..My question do people like manually train all those pokemon to have the specialized IVs and EVs or is there a shortcut? It seems like a pain thanks! Also any suggestions on where to find casual matches?

admin answers:

Yes people trained those Pokemon manually, some use the easy way by cheating, which isn’t fair. To have an easy times EV training the Pokemon, you can use Power items and Pokerus. Most people also get right natures for their Pokemon and stats with 31 IVs depending on the Pokemon’s strong side. Since it’s almost impossible to have 31 Ivs in six stat, it’s best to have 31 in two to three stats. Example, Alakazam, is best has a “special sweeper“ so a good nature for him would be a Modest type or a Timid type.

Here’s a guide to help you throughout your training:

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