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George asks…

Will I be able to attend college next year?

I am about to graduate next week and I am not quite sure if I am going to pass honors pre calculus or not. I really just wasnt prepaired for it this year. i The college I’m going to next year is an average public school in Minn. it requires that you need 3 credits of math (2 algebra classes and one geometry class). If I fail precalc, I will still have 4 credits in math. (Alg1-geo-alg2 w/trig-engineering) all my other grades are fine and I’m not worried about them. I have a football scholarship on the line as well! Will this college revoke me?

admin answers:

Colleges don’t want to revoke, unless something really serious happens. Whether or not an F in a class would be serious enough for this particular school to rescind your admission, I can’t guess without knowing the name of the school. But you only have a week more of class, right? Wait out the week. See what you get for a grade, and if the grade is quite a bit lower than your normal grades, contact the football coach at the college to discuss the situation. If needed, he can then check things out with admissions.

Daniel asks…

What’s the history behind Cops covering their badge number to honor a recently fallen officer?

I’m wondering where this got it’s start. I realize Police Officers cover their badge numbers with black tape or whatever to honor a fallen officer but what is the history of it? How did it get it’s start? And for how long to they wear it?

admin answers:

It was common years ago for someone to wear a black band on their sleeve when a family member passed away.

Law enforcement adopted this by putting the band over the badge. The length of time is determined by the department.

This link provides similar information:

John asks…

How many honor classes and how many AP classes do i have to take in high school?

I am a sophomore and i have been in america for 4 yrs and a half. I see my other friends that have been here for 6-3 yrs taking all AP and honor classes. I tried taking a 2 honor classes and im not doing so bad in them. Geometry H i got a 90. In English H im moving to CP. Soo i have one honor class. Is it good or bad? Should i take all honor classes or just 3 or 2 or 1 or none? Should i take AP History next year?What AP class is not that challenging?

admin answers:

You don’t have to take any ap or honors classes if you don’t want to. Talk to your guidance counselor and see what is best for you. If you find that your current classes are too easy and you get bored, then change, but so long as you feel like you are learning, you can stay in the classes you are in. One thing about all those ap classes is that there are no easy ones. They are college courses. The main reason you take them is to get college credit for passing the test at the end. I only recommend taking ap classes in subjects you feel very confident in. I’ve lived in the U.S. All my life and I find these courses challenging. If you don’t think you will pass the test, you are better off just staying in standard. Also, at my school, once you are in an ap class it is very hard to convince the school to let you switch back out if you find it too hard. If you take harder classes chances are also that your GPA will go down. Talk with your parents about it. Maybe take honors or ap classes in only your best subjects. Personally, I’m in all AP classes except for science because I know that science is just not a subject that I’m very strong in. Don’t compare yourself to your friends. What’s best for them may or may not be what’s best for you.

Richard asks…

How much should I charge for piano lessons?

I’m a high school student who’s played piano for ten years. Not to be a conceited brat, but I think of myself as one of the more skilled piano players. For the California CM test, I’ve passed Level 10 Honors (the highest level) twice.

And since summer’s coming up, I was thinking of giving piano lessons to young kids.

How much do you think I should charge an hour? A half-hour?

Please answer my question with some thought put into it!

admin answers:

I paid £8 for 30 minutes piano tuition some 5 years ago now.

I’d say between £9-£14, depending on how you’re going to teach the students. Presuming you’re going to ask them to come to your house & play on your piano, I’d say no more than £11 for 30 minutes.
If you’re renting a building or a room, then £12-£14 for 30 minutes, but really, there’s no need for you to rent a room/building (more costly than it’s worth).

Oh and also, do photocopies of your certificates, frame them, and put them up where the students will be, just proves you’ve got the certificates you said you have been awarded and also motivates students.

For 1 hour lessons, double the amount you would charge for 30 minutes, and subtract £1.50 – £2.50.

Good luck!

And using Google to translate the currency:

£1.50 = Aprox $2
£2.50 = $3.50
£9 = Aprox $12
£10 = Aprox $14
£11 = Aprox $15.50
£12 = Aprox $16.90
£13 = Aprox $18.30
£14 = Aprox $19.70

Have fun teaching!
Oh and also, if you’re planning on giving lessons to children, you may want to spend a few £s/$s getting yourself a CRB check (to look on your criminal record), a lot of parents wish to see proof that you’re not a child molester, thief, been charged for assault, etc etc.

Lisa asks…

How to convince my teachers in order to pass a class?

Ok so I am a 14 year old freshman. Throughout my whole life, I’ve always been an honor roll. This morning I decide to check a certain website to see how my grades are. I found out that im failing health class & english class due to missing hw. I cant afford to fail because I will be suspended from the volleyball team and my mom will kill me. Help!

admin answers:

I would say that you are getting a harsh lesson in responsibility. You let the homework slide in two classes and now your are in jeopardy. If you were to go whining to the teachers about volleyball, I am sure that they will not be receptive to your begging. Try it the other way. Go to the two teachers and find out how many more tests are in this report period. Ask if you can do some extra credit. And be SURE to get all homework assignments complete and on time. Volleyball is the game; your schoolwork isn’t. You might get into the habit of checking that school website every week to monitor your grades. That way you won’t find yourself in such a hole again.

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