Your Questions About Bestec Power Supply

Paul asks…

Where is my power supply’s fuse?

I blew up the fuse and when I checked the power supply, I couldn’t locate it.

Model: tfx0220d5wa

admin answers:

I take it the Power supply is a Bestec TFX0220D5WA HP Supply?
If so these typically soldered in place on the circuit board.
Some look like regular tube type about an inch long and the as thick as a pencil.
It may have a shrink wrap around it , if it is a thermal fuse. Or even the others may have a braided cloth around it

Sandy asks…

Mzn68-la Motherboard in compaq power issues?

I have a MZN68-LA Motherboard in my compaq presario with a AMD 64 Athalon and an onboard nvidia geforce video card and it was pretty bone stock when i got it. i have added a secondary hdd that i run linux and i also put in a radeon x1050 256mb video card and wireless d-link card. Im pushing 2gb of memory and a dvi output to my 22″ lcd. Now i only have a 250w bestec power supply. My radeon card requires a minimum of 300watts and im losing some functions due to lack of power. upon boot-up my dispaly will pixelate two lines roughly center screen and my lightscribe dvd rw drive wont burn discs. Roughly 1/4 of the way through i get an error and have been ruining discs. I think my power supply simply needs to be upgraded. I have tried a 450w RaidMAX and a 420w RaidMAX but i cannot get a display from them. i have fully functioning motherboard and processor all my lights come on and my fans start spinning but i cant get a display from my radeon or from my onboard. I have tried to find specs for maximum power for this board but i cant find any information about it. I also have thought about ordering more Bestec power supplies but i dont want to waste money on something that wont work. If you have any idea of why im not getting a display or maybe im using too much power? I have tried several possible solutions but simply cannot find an answer. Please help me out.

admin answers:

What I am using is Leawo Free DVD Creator.I think it is the easiest software to burn video to dvd i have ever tried.You can find Leawo Free DVD Creator here:
Wish it can help, good luck!

Nancy asks…

Will this power supply work for my computer.?

i want to know if a power supply im looking to buy will work with my HP Pavilion a1630n here is a link to the item.

if it is not can i get some info to where i can find one that has a pci express connection included.

admin answers:

I agree that unit looks like garbage. I would first see what power supply you need based on the sum of your components to see if you even need to upgrade at all – a good psu calc will tell you this, my fave is the „eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Lite v2.5“

So for your Pavilion a1630n let’s put in your product specs and a random GPU since you didnt‘ mention that
Athlon 64 X2 (W) 4600+ 2.4 GHz / 2 x ddr2 / 1 x sata 1 x dvdrw / front panel card reader / 3 x fan (case, power supply & cpu) / and maybe a 9600gt
I get 232W which is not much at all

Now look up your power supply, the HP partsurfer Pavilion a1630n power supply reference that it is part # 5188-2625 „Power supply – 300-watt (Merlot C) regulated“ which similar to this Bestec ATX-300-12Z that has a +12v@19A (or 228W), since the +12v is the most important for CPU/GPU let’s focus on this # and forget it’s a 300w unit.

Looking at your systems total draw with the 9600gt, 232W is not much more than your +12v draw alone, so this would be a safe card to use with your current power supply, you can just use the PCIE adapter that came with your GPU. Once you get in the 250W+ range for your total power draw you will need to replace the unit.

My usual recommendation for an OEM replacement is the Antec EA430 a good deal at $40 w/ free shipping

it has a +12v combined max of 360W and Seasonic is the OEM of the EarthWatts model line, good quality. And not to mention, it has a rear 80mm exhaust so it is a 100% replacement with no change to your case airflow.

Of course, choose a unit based on the PSU calc, I am not sure which GPU you have chosen but the EA430 can handle your system with a GTX280 OC (I get 352W total) with ease.

Some may mention, the manufacturer recommends this much watts – however how does the manufacturer know what other components you have? They usually play it safe and recommend a high-watt unit to cover their own skins 🙂 If you had a quad-core, and were overclocking it and the GPU, a 500W+ unit may be in order and the PSU calc would reflect that.


Laura asks…

My power supply fan is not working.?

I know its dangerous to replace the power supply fan. I need to know what kind of power supply to get. I know there are different wattages, but don’t know what to get. I have an emachine T1842, windows xp, 1.80 ghz, 40 gb hard drive, 512 mb ddr. Is that enough info? I bought this used and am upgradng little by little. Thanks!

admin answers:


Check that website out… That one is only 34.00 in american and it says it supports your system… But you could probably check or tigerdirect and anything over 300 should be good for your system as is… If you plan to install anything new, then get a 400+…

Jenny asks…

What graphics cards are compatible with my PC?


I have a DELL Vostro 200 with this configuration:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.20 GHz / 2MB Cache

RAM: I bought it with 1GB 667MHz (2 x 512MB) and upgraded to 4GB 800MHz DDR2 (2 x 2GB) which is the maximum supported.

GPU: Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset family with 256MB shared memory

PSU: Bestec 300W ATX0300D5WB ATX-0300D5WB Rev X3 Dell Replacement Power Supply

Now I want to upgrade to a dedicated graphics card with DX11 and Shader Model 5 with 1GB of memory.

What’s the best affordable gaming graphics card that works with my PC?

Here is my Motherboard Specs

admin answers:


Well your limit on graphics cards will be decided by the 300watt power supply and the fact that you have a PCIe x 16 expansion slot.

That slot will throttle any of the newer cards although they should still run.

The earlier cards will work as well but they often need a lot more power than the later models.8-((

So which ever way you go you sadly hit a limit for gaming cards.

Replace the power supply and you still have a low powered expansion slot, keep the power supply and use a later card and you will throttle the card with the slot…

It’s a no win situation, the only correct answer which you will not like is probably to upgrade the motherboard first.8-((


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