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Ruth asks…

How do you know how much shipping to charge buyers on Ebay and where do you get boxes to ship large items in?

How do you know what to charge for shipping and does UPS provide boxes to ship larger items in (like musical instruments, televisions, etc.), do you have to buy boxes or find them yourself, or what? I have never sold anything on an auction site yet so I really don’t know much about how it works. Any information you can provide is appreciated.

admin answers:

I’ve only sold a couple of items so I’m not an expert. I used the eBay help pages to get a better understanding of what was available. You could also put the eBay calculator in your ad so the buyer can simply plug in a zip code to find out the shipping cost.

I also checked ahead of time with my local post office, UPS, FedEx, and DHL to find out what I would have to do and how much it would cost to send the package to the furthest location from my zip code. (Sometimes local facilities are franchised and do not offer the same services as a company owned store.) You can also check your local Yellow Pages for Mailing Services or Packaging Services & Supplies. These companies provide professional packing, insurance, etc. And are usually authorized shippers for USPS, UPS, etc.

As far as boxes, I found it easier to just buy a new box from the UPS Store. All of these added costs can be included as a „handling“ fee that the buyer would have to pay (in addition to the shipping.) >general info >odd shaped packages

Hope this helps.


Carol asks…

Should I be trying to put on weight or is this okay?

This question may sound out of the ordinary, but it’s an odd insecurity I’ve recently developed especially after my sister said my arms looked anorexic and an old woman asked me if I eat!:

In a few months time I’ll be 21 and I’m 5ft 5inches tall and weigh 122 pounds.

I’ll really appreciate your opinion.

admin answers:

I’m 17, 5ft 2inches and I weigh 110 pounds! I eat like a horse! I also run about 4 times a week and do weight training as much as possible! I do not look underweight at all, my legs are thick and well muscled, I have a big bust and a big booty, but when I tell people my weight, they think I stave myself! You’re weight depends on your body composition, some people are very light framed and have less dense bones, as well as less muscle mass. I have always been light, it’s just the way I am!

If you really want to know if you look underweight and unhealthy, the next time your at your doctor for a check up, just ask!

Also, don’t take into consideration things like your BMI! I have only just gotten into the ‚healthy‘ weight range! For many years I was considered ’severely malnourished‘ according to BMI calculators!

And remember, don’t take other people’s opinions into consideration! Unless they are a trained medical practitioner! Different people have different opinions about what is healthy and unhealthy. Maybe your sister has a fat festish?

Betty asks…

What are the odds of getting heads 7 times in a row in 40 tries of flipping a coin?

I know if you flip a coin 7 times, the odds of getting 7 heads in a row is 1 in 2^7 or 1 in 128.

But if you flip a coin 40 times, what are the odds of getting 7 heads in a row in those 40 tries?
This is not homework. I’m just curious.

Please show your work in detail. I don’t know probability that well. Thanks.

admin answers:

This is a tough one, it’s discussed in this paper —

I wrote a program on my calculator that uses that formula.
The answer is 13.1%

For coinflips (or any event with specifically a 50% chance), you can also use generalized fibonacci numbers as discussed here —
(scroll down some to where it says „A Coin Tossing Problem…“

There’s no reason to use that 2nd formula when you have the 1st one, but it’s interesting (and gets the same answer). Again, it only applies to cases where the probability is 50% (like your example). Whereas the 1st formula I linked to works for biased coins or any probability.

Sandy asks…

I’m thinking of getting two rats when my current one passes away. How big does the cage have to be for two?

I don’t know why, but my rat’s have always been small. Will that make a difference?
My current cage is 60 x 60 x 37cm
I want to get two females and my current rat is female.

admin answers:

If you want to continue to get females then get one now. Rats are social animals and need to be in pairs. Your cage is big enough for 2 rats

Tanks are not suitable. They do not have proper ventilation and rats are climbers and need to have wire walls to climb.

EDIT: The rat cage calculator goes by 2 cubic feet per rat. Not square feet. Up to 2 rats can fit in that cage if you use ALL the space wisely. That means you need to add shelves, climbing toys etc for 2 rats to fit in it.
The does not however take into consideration out of cage time and activity level but you should never put a rat in anything smaller than 2 cubic feet per rat. Thats already pretty small.

Tanks are not suitable. They do not have proper ventilation and even if you never have problems rats are still climbers and need to have wire walls to climb.

Lisa asks…

What are the chances the world is going to end in 2012?

Percentage. Looking for an average. One of my co-worker says 3%, one says 85%. What do you think?

admin answers:

Since we know that 2012 has the same chance of life on Earth ending as any other randomly chosen year up to the time when Earth becomes too hot for habitation as the Sun expands and brightens on its way to becoming a red giant, and that will be somewhere between 1 billion (when the atmosphere dries out) and 3 billion years (when the oceans boil away), we can use 1 in 2 billion for rough odds. If you want the odds for December 21, 2012, you will need to multiply 2 billion by 365.25 to get approximate odds for any specific day. My calculator quit, so I had to do this manually, but I get 0.00000005% for the year. I get 0.0000000000137% for a specific day in the next 2 billion years. I might have dropped a zero or so, but you get the idea.

Note: the Sun doesn’t enter its first red giant stage and incinerate the Earth for about 5 billion years, but it will expand and brighten up until that time, thus heating the Earth to the point where life couldn’t continue.

Except from A Brief History of the Universe byJohn Baez, University of California Riverside.
Future Timeline:

„1.1 billion years from now – The Sun becomes 10% brighter than today. The Earth’s atmosphere dries out.

3 billion years from now – The Andromeda Galaxy collides with our galaxy. Many solar systems are destroyed.

3.5 billion years from now – The Sun becomes 40% brighter than today. If the Earth is still orbiting the sun, its oceans evaporate.“

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