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Mary asks…

Pokemon EV training and Pokerus questions?

So i’m gonna start EV training my pokemon tomorrow, and i get the gist of things, but there’s a few things i’m not certain of.
-If 255 is the limit for one stat, why do people put in 252?
-They say when you have 6 EVs left, 2 will always go wasted, why?
-Using Power items lower speed, but it wears off once you take the item off, right?
-Does the Pokerus disappearing overnight in a party still apply to Black and White?

PS. seems to me that getting the power items takes more time than ev training lol

admin answers:

-The limit of EV’s that a stat can take is 255. However it requires 4 EV’s to raise the corresponding stat by 1. So throwing all 255 on one stat will waste 3 points, which are better off serving another stat.

-Like I said above, 4 EV’s are required to raise the stat by 1. The remaining two points aren’t enough to give another stat point.

-Yes, Speed will return to normal once you remove the item.

-Yes it does. The Pokerus last for 24 hours (somewhere close to that). The best way to preserve it is by placing a infected Pokemon in the PC, since the Pokerus’s time limit doesn’t count while in the PC.

Sandra asks…

pokemon with pokerus?

if you have on of those, and you have white/black version PLEASE TRADE IT TO ME! my friend code :1850 3222 2842
yup i’m ready right now, but must warn you that i recently start the game so i don’thave powerfull or strange pokemon :C but if you accept i can trade you a throh

admin answers:

Do you accept potatoes??

Lizzie asks…

What is pokerus??? Anybody?

I’ve heard the term thrown around black and white?

admin answers:

Unless you know what EV training is, pokerus doesn’t really matter to you. Its twice as rare as shiny Pokemon. If you DO know what EV training is, if your Pokemon has Pokerus, then the EVs it gains will be doubled, so twice as fast.

Ken asks…

Pokemon WiFi Trade: Seeking the Event Legendary Dogs?

Few things:
1) Don’t tell me to use Action Replay, it can mess up my game
2) Answer only if you want to trade
3) Don’t post a random answer
4) No rude comments
5) I’ll accept it only if it’s legit (if you cloned it, I’m fine with it, as long as it doesn’t harm my game)
6) No hate comments
Anyways, I’m seeking the shiny event dogs that unlock Zoroark in Black/White (Raikou, Entei, Suicune). Here’s my offers:
japanese movie 10 Celebi
TRU Shaymin
level 100 Mewtwo
level 100 japanese Mew
TRU Manaphy
level 100 Fortress (NOT LEGIT! I got this off GTS, I need to get rid of it, and I know there’s SOME people who don’t mind non-legit Pokemon)
japanese Darkrai
TRU Arceus
japanese Scizor
TRU Regigigas
level 100 Dragonite with Pokerus holding Choice Specs

You can contact me through the email option in my profile (I think you’ll have to enable the option too if you already haven’t done so). I prefer we make our deal by the email option. I don’t like editing the question a bunch of times. Respond with your FC. Mine is ASH 3481 4728 8373. Let me know what you want in exchange for each dog you’re willing to trade. Remember, I’m looking for the event ones, not the regular ones.

Remember, answer only if you want to trade, I need them traded to me,besides, some people can’t even make it to EB Games/Gamestop, if you look around, you’ll see there are quite a few people asking for them.

admin answers:

I have the event suicune and i am interested in trading it for your arceus.
My friend code is 0088 9890 6068
email me at to set up a date and time. Please include what time zone you live in.

Extra note: I have an extra event suicune if your interested in trading your Darkrai for it.

Mark asks…

Pokemon Trade: Looking for Shiny Gamestop Raikou?

Yeah I know, the event was last week, but I need it for personal reasons (don’t ask me what they are), and I know some people have spare ones and some people are offering them for trade (I prefer that they are legit). I won’t care if you clone it, as long as if it doesn’t give me Bad Egg or screw my game up in any way and as long as if it’s from Gamestop (or the japense one from the movie), and can unlock Zoroark in Black/White. Here’s my offers:
shiny Togepi
TRU Arceus (I have more than one)
TRU Regigigas
Mewtwo (I have more than one)
Shaymin (have more than one)
Mew (I have a lot!!!)
Movie 13 Celebi (the japanese one, I have more than one)
level 100 japanese Dragonite with Pokerus holding Choice Specs
TRU Manaphy
Pikachu colored Pichu
the level 50 male Pikachu from TCGWC (I think it’s a championship of some sort) with Surf Thunderbolt Light Screen and Quick Attack holding Light Ball
Selfdestruct Munchlax holding Leftovers
Volt Tackle Pikachu
Flying Pikachu
level 100 japanese Steelix
a level 80 Feraligatr
and a level 53 japnese Scizor

my FC is ASH 3481 4728 8373
Answer only if you want to trade (don’t answer saying stuff like „I have all you’re offering so I won’t trade“ or „get it from Gamestop“ or anything like that, only answer if you want to trade) and leave your FC. I’m in eastern time zone. You can contact me through the email option in my profile. The Pokemon I offered have no EVs I believe except my Mewtwos, Steelix, the Feraligatr, and Dragonite. Also, I live in eastern time zone, and don’t give me a link to another site. P.S. I cannot text you (I got an answer telling me to do that!!!?). And I’m only looking for the Gamestop dogs right now (mainly the Gamestop shiny Raikou, the other ones I might need later), I might trade for others later. And don’t give me a link to another site.

admin answers:

I can as soon as my action replay can clone give me your celebi

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