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Richard asks…

How many rats will fit in this cage?

The cage size:
44 inches long
31 inches wide
20 inches deep
Right now I have to females in it and I’m considering getting more rats. Do I need a bigger cage?
This cage is from petsmart.
Also, if I get neutered males do you think it would be okay to put the with my females?
Also it has 3 shelves and two 31 inch and 20 deep floors.

admin answers:

This cage according to the ratty corner cage calculator says this cage will hold about 6-7rats. As a general rule because of all the toys and furniture you will be putting into the cage i would subtract one or two rats from what the rat calculator says. I think this cage would best suit about 4-6 rats, but again that will change based on what you put in the cage. Remember size only matters if your rats can actually use it! (Each rat should have at least 2.5 square feet in their cage plus room to climb)
Here is the link
Now your second question. Female rats and neutered rats can be housed to together. If you plan on buying the rat and then neutering him remember it will take about 42 days for sperm to completly die so your females will need to be seperated until this point.
Next you will have to do introductions. Check this website for more info

Betty asks…

My sister and my female rat is lonely and might get stressed, should I get a female or male?

We don’t want hundreds of babies a year (we only want 4). We also don’t really have money for a bigger cage (our cage is a pretty small plastic box) so we should get a female rat right?

admin answers:

I would defiantly get a female rat. Rats LOVE to have a buddy, and without one, they will become stressed and lonely. Don’t worry, two rats are easier to take care of than one. (It sounds weird, but it’s true!)

If you get a male, he’ll need to be neutered. This can be very dangerous, as it is done differently than in dogs and cats, so a normal vet may fail and kill the animal. It is also very expensive.
If you are referring to wanting only four rats, then great! But if you want four baby rats every year (or even just once), chances are, it won’t happen. An average litter of baby rats is eight little ones, and females are ready to breed almost immediately after giving birth. They can, and do, have hundreds of babies. So the pair would need to be separated, and you’d have to find loving homes for all the extras. Rats CANNOT just be put back into the wild. If you want babies, your best bet would be to find some tiny ones from a good breeder. 😉 Your rats, will thank you!

As far as your cage goes, I would really put the effort into earning more money. Don’t spend it on small things like games or clothing. Rats need wire cages that provide ventilation and prevent respiratory diseases. Also, they need about 2 cubic feet of space each, unless you plan to let them roam free most of the day. Enter the dimensions of your current cage into this rat calculator, and it will tell you if you need an upgrade:

If it says the cage is too small, then you really need a better one. You can find decent ones for around $70-80 (it’s expensive, I know) on amazon. Don’t just shrug it off because you don’t have money, or your rats will suffer. They’re TOTALLY worth any expenses. Martin’s Cages also have great cages for rats.

You can also make a cage with a little untreated wood and chicken wire. That is a cheap alternative, and will be much bigger and healthier than a small box. There are tons of do-it-yourself websites that have great cage ideas.

Overall, I think that it would really help to do some research. There are wonderful forums and sites out there that have real rat owners chatting about how important it is for rats to have a friend, what is involved in rat breeding, and where to get great cages for great prices. Good luck with your rat(s)!


Linda asks…

How to cover a bet with paddy power?

I put on a £1 16 fold accumulator about a year ago which returns £112 and the 1st 15 things have won and all I need now is Australia to win rugby league World Cup. They are 1/3, New Zealand 5/1 and England 6/1. Fourth favourites are Somoa on 150/1 so I assume the winner will be from the top 3. On sky bet england are 8/1 but I don’t like to have betting accounts. What would your advice be on how to stake on other teams so I’m guaranteed some money, or shall I just leave it altogether?
Any help much appreciated.

admin answers:

Big better hay ?

Strongly advise you to leave it, I cant see anything but an Oz win, NZ were lucky last time around and it wont happen twice.

To answer you question, go to any high st bookie and put around 15 quid on both NZ and England, you will get approx 60£ profit if either wins and if Oz win you will get £90. Here you go play about with the stakes to see how much you need to put down to win what. Http://

Oz will win, even if they dont they WILL get to the finial so you are better off waiting to the finial and having a small saver on the team they are playing. You will probably find Oz are even more heavily odds on by the final then what they are now as so many people will back them that day as favourites that the price will be more like 1/5 or 1/6.

Maria asks…

What is the best text book for learning trigonometry if you are an adult and have never had it before?

I plan to check it out of the library. Just give me the name and author of a book with useful problems. i’m asking because I checked one out that was really lame, and I just want a normal text book.

admin answers:

I learned trigonometry as an adult. I had taken the course in high school but forgot almost all of it when, I later discovered an interest in mathematics that high school hadn’t coaxed out of me.

I picked up an old 1970s-era trig textbook for a buck at a library booksale. Answers to all of the odd problems were in the back of the book, so I worked all of the odd problems. That strategy taught me all the trig I needed to get through the calculus sequence.

It’s an exaggeration to say that one textbook is as good as another, but there really aren’t a lot of differeneces among the textbooks I’ve seen. Trig has changed very little in a very long time, so you don’t really have to worry about the material being outdated. The main difference is that you now use a calculator where you used to use trig tables.

I’d pick up a cheap textbook with lots of problems, and with answers to a significant number of the problems. Your public library probably has a trig text or two. Try the free ones first. Just read through the book and work the problems. If you come across an explanation that doesn’t make sense, consult another textbook.

I can think of only one reason to spend $100 on a trig text: your professor required it. If you’re doing self-study, there is no reason to spend more than $20.

Michael asks…

How can I convince my mum to let me get a pet rat?

Hi, I was wondering how I could convince my mum to let me get a pet rat. She hates them. But I really want two. I have said I will pay for everything and do all the work, but still a „no“. What can I do? I am on a mission to get them and won’t give up! Also which is better males or females (I would be getting two of each). And is the ferplast Jenny a good cage?

admin answers:

Thank you for knowing you’re supposed to have two. I was about to get a lecture ready of why it’s best to have two until I read that you were getting two. Haha:)

First, you should show her you’re responsible. Do a lot of chores before you try what I’m about to tell you, just because that might help her say yes. I would show her how much you know about rats and WHY they make such great pets. Get a small binder or folder and do your research. Do maybe a couple months worth, just so you know your info is perfect. Write everything in the binder from ‚why rats make such amazing pets‘, to ‚why rats need to stay in pairs‘. Write about their caging needs, heath problems, their food needs, bedding that is good/bad, food that is good/bad, everything you can find! Make all the papers really neat, maybe even make them colorful. Just put all your effort into this binder and make it look very good, so she knows you worked very hard on it and you really want them! Make sure you hand write and don’t print it. That will definitely show her how hard you worked on it. This isn’t a one night thing, make sure you work hard on this for a couple of weeks trying to perfect it and get everything ready. If that doesn’t work, I’m sorry but your mom is completely stubborn and isn’t going to let you get rats…. Also, make sure she is in her best mood when you give her the binder!

As for males or females, this depends! Do you want more active rats or a more cuddly rat?

Males, they are going to be as active as females will as they are young. As they grow older, they will get more lazier and more cuddly. They grow a lot bigger then females, which makes them very easy to handle (all rats are, males tend to be easier, though). Their skin also produces it’s own buck grease on their back, a simple bath can fix this, though (I think it’s caused from stress, not 100% sure). Another thing that’s different is they produce their own musky smell on their back. This may or may not be bad, depends on how your smell senses work.. Haha, a lot of male rat owners say this smell is pleasant, though! They also grow big testicles. If you can’t stand the look of them, males are not for you!

Females are active throughout their lives pretty much. They aren’t as cuddly as males will be since they are so active. They’ve got ‚things to do, people to see, places to be‘. They don’t make their own buck grease and don’t have the musky smell. They also don’t have testicles (if so you’ve got yourself a male;)). One thing about females is they are 99.9% likely to get a mammary tumor as they age. Now don’t think that if you get males, that will totally assure that they wont be getting tumors. ALL rats are prone to tumors and you DO need to either know you’re mum can afford the vet or you need to put at least $400 back for vet purposes before you get them.

Don’t get two of each.. If you get two of each you’re going to have 2 litters of babies in know time, and then another 2. And another….. Females can get pregnant again RIGHT AFTER birth.. Make sure you’re only getting 2 of one gender!

About the cage, you didn’t give the dimensions so I can’t tell. Here is a ratty cage calculator. Please use it, this will make sure your rats will be getting the amount of room they need.

By the way, neither gender bites more then the other and females sure aren’t moody….. So whichever you get, unless they are from a crappy pet store that never held their animals, they will be friendly.

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