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Mark asks…

What time to show up at cowboy stadium with party pass?

I have a few party passes for today’s first playoff game with the cowboys vs. eagles…1/9/10 Just wondering what time I should show up at the stadium to guarantee that I actually get into the stadium? I know there’s been problems with cowboys selling to many party passes and people being turned away who had a ticket. Would like to hear from someone who’s been with a party pass. Dont really care if i get a great view, just want to make sure i get into the stadium. Thanks.

admin answers:

I took the tour of the stadium on thursday (it was cool cause the players were practicing!!!!), and the tour dude said 2 hours.

Yeah my advice is early as possible! The view from the rails is damn, and I mean damn, good!

Sandra asks…

How much is the new york city double decker tour bus?

Im going to New York and we might take the double decker tour bus. How much would it be for 2 children and 2 adults? We need to know if the price is cheap or not so we can go.
Thanks in advance !

admin answers:

If you have an attraction pass, it is possible to get three (3) days of hop on/hop off access. If you are here for four (4) days for example, all you have to do is ride for free for three (3) days and on the fourth day, purchase a „Pay-Per-Ride“ MetroCard which can be shared by 4 people.

As for the bus tours, rates start about $25/day for an adult and $20/day for a child due to the length of the tour and landmarks visited.

Sharon asks…

What is the difference between a normal McFly tour and their UCAP (Up Close And Personal) Tour?

I went on their Radio:Active tour last November and I’m now going on their UCAP tour, whats the difference? Do you get to meet them?

admin answers:

I think the difference is Radio:Active was an arena tour where a whole bunch of their fans were in one huge place where some had to sit very far away. Whereas the UCAP tours are in smaller venues where they can see their fans and their fans can see them closer. I have no idea if you get to meet can probably interact with them more at the concerts than the arena tours. But i think you probably need backstage passes or to go to meet and greets to meet them..unless your really close to the stage.

Robert asks…

Whats the best and cheapest way to tour Italy?

I’m thinking of going on a backpacking tour of Italy? Whats the best and safest and cheapest way to do this?

admin answers:

Travel by train. Don’t buy a rail pass, as they tend to be a rip-off since they’re often not valid on the train you want, or require an extra reservation fee. Buy your train ticket out of a town at the time you arrive in that town (a day or three in advance) so you don’t have to worry about it being sold out. Get a reserved seat only for trains expected to fill up, or if you have a deadline to meet (like when you’re flying home).
Small towns tend to be a lot cheaper than big cities, both for food and for lodging. Check out Rick Steves‘ Europe travel guides. I can’t recommend those books enough, I think he’s great (no I don’t work for them, I just like them). In the larger cities, you can usually buy a pass that’s good at all of the major museums, which saves you money and more importantly it saves you having to wait in line at each site. Otherwise, arrive early in the morning so you can get in ahead of the crowds and get out while the day is young. Be vigilant and protect yourself against pickpockets and thieves, but otherwise don’t be afraid to use public transportation (busses, subways, trains). It’s a lot cheaper, and in some ways safer, than taxis. I think it’s best to travel in a group of at least 2, no more than 4. 3 or 4 travellers in a group can share a hotel room or a taxi ride and it can be as economical as a individual train tickets or individual hostel stays.

Carol asks…

Should I get a rental car or a rail pass for touring Italy?


I will be going to Italy solo and I am wondering if I should get a rail pass or just rent a car for the following itinerary?

Fly in to Naples
Naples (3 nights) (day trip to Sorrento and Positano)
Rome (4 nights)
Florence (3 nights) (day trip to Pisa)
Bologna (2 nights)
Venice (3 nights) (safe to assume I don’t need a car here)
Milan (2 nights)
Fly home

Should I rent a car for part of my trip or none of it?
Is it a hassle to drive in Italy?
Cost implications?

admin answers:

This is general travel experience, not specific to Italy although we were there in 2008. We have done various trips to European cities both ways, driving and public transit. Each has advantages and disadvantages. BTW have been to Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan. RE: Florence, read up on Brunelleschi’s dome and be sure to climb the stairs to the top. A feat of 16th century engineering if ever there was one. Of course statue of David is a given. Rick Steve’s guides are great. When in Milan take the train about an hour out of town to the Lakes region.

When you drive solo you also need to navigate. At least my wife was the navigator when we rented a car but as the driver I had to keep my eyes on the road and could not enjoy the scenery. Then in cities there were problems parking the car. The cost of gas is very high. But on a whim you can take side trips and see things you might not otherwise see. Italians drive like all Europeans, fast and purposeful. The autostrada are toll roads and have great restaurants called autogrills at the stops that span the roadway,and are accessible from either direction, a surprising and unexpected treat and little known fact.Totally unlike in the US.

Trains go everywhere in Europe and you get to see the scenery. Since you are travelling solo you will also be able to meet people which is more difficult alone in a car. Italians speak English in the same proportion as the rest of continental Europe. More English in big cities, less as you are outside.

I vote for train. And read the Rick Steve’s book on Italy before you go.

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